Vol. 9 Issue 14-April 05, 2021

LIVE MASTERCLASS—How to Make Small Shifts for a More Sustainable Lifestyle

We’re doing something we’ve never done before—all for one big reason, this Earth!

This Earth provides us with everything we need to live, and what do we do for it in return? Well, in most cases, not enough. 

So, we’re bringing in an expert and offering a FREE Masterclass—How to Make Small Shifts for a More Sustainable Lifestyle. Because this Earth (and your body) is more than worth it. 

Meet Amanda Provenzano M.S. (our personal guide to establishing a more sustainable lifestyle). 

13 years of sustainability experience and scientific education catalyzed Amanda into exploring the many facets of the world.

Amanda’s environmental and sustainability education prepared her in understanding how humans negatively impact the environment. Working in the corporate world, however, showed her that we often do not have agency around our life. Years of environmental studies, teachings from wise elders, and a culmination of many life lessons helped bring Amanda to the human and nature-centered life she now lives… More here

In one information-packed hour, we’ll be covering how to nourish this Earth and your body (no matter what’s going on in this world) with easy-to-implement lifestyle hacks.

Will we see you there?

Register here and spread the word! This special Masterclass starts at 

Upcoming Events

The Hustle: What does it mean to invest in your business and should you be doing it? Join us as we answer these questions and more! 

  • The Hustle, Tuesday, April 6th at 5 pm Pacific. Join here!
  • The Hustle, Thursday, April, 8th at 5 pm Pacific. Join here!

Success Lab: We’ve all heard of an ATM,aka an automated teller machine. This time when we say ATM we’re referring to actions that matter (ATM). Join us this week at 3 pm Pacific as we discuss weekly actions that matter!

  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, April 8th at 3 pm Pacific. Register here!
  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, April 15th at 3 pm Pacific. Register here!

April Round-Table: New promotions, events, special gifts, and more! Catch up with what’s happening in April. 

LIVE MASTERCLASS—How to Make Small Shifts for a More Sustainable Lifestyle Thursday, April 22nd at 3 pm Pacific. Register here!

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April Promotions

Spring has sprung and the season of growth is officially upon us. And, we’ve got the perfect promotions to go with the season!

Team Building Promotion—Maximize Your Comp Plan

  • 2 x 2: Sign up a minimum of 2 New Associates and 2 New Customers in March and receive 50% off of your April autoship! We’ll also donate $20 to the New Earth Give charity of your choice on your behalf. 
  • 1 x 1: Accomplish a 1 x 1 of 1 New Associate and 1 New Preferred Customer and receive 25% off your April autoship. 

Hustle Bonus

It’s the perfect partner for the Team Building Promotion and generously rewards NEW Associates who join and complete a 2 x 2 in the month of April. The details are pretty simple. Any Associate who joins and completes a 2 x 2 in the month of April will receive a one-time $200 bonus!

Preferred Coupon Code—Grow Your Customer Base
Have a new prospect on the fence? Utilize your unique promo code (your account number followed by REF) to offer 10% off and FREE shipping. 

When the coupon code is used, you’ll receive a coupon code for an extra 10% off your next standard order!

Note, April is the final month this promotion will be available. 
Get complete promotion details here!

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