Vol. 9 Issue 01-January 07, 2021

Build 2021 Momentum with These January Specials

Welcome to 2021!! It’s the new year and the season of goals, intentions, and resolutions. With that, we are welcoming 2021 the right way with a handful of promotions that assist with just about every resolution out there. 

Enrollment and Re-Enrollment Rally

The resolution to take income-earning into one’s own hands, to boost income levels, and to build a certain type of lifestyle are all real and out there. With that, for the month of January, we’ve made the first step in achieving this resolution easier. 

It’s the new year and it’s time to rally!

Welcome new Associate enrollments (and even re-enrollments!) with this limited time offer:

New Associates can enroll with the Elite Pack for the discounted price of $170 while supplies last. A $59 Savings! 

Or they can make their own enrollment pack. When new Associates spend $100 on products they’ll enjoy 50% off of their enrollment price (originally $99!)*

*Offer available for new USA Associate accounts.  

New Earth Connected: Train and Win

What good is a resolution if you don’t know the steps to achieve it? That’s not the case here, especially with the new and improved New Earth Connected mobile app that is launching soon! 

New Earth Connected does the heavy lifting when it comes to welcoming a new Wellness Entrepreneur. It acquaints them with New Earth, with our health-giving products, and maybe most importantly the compensation plan, breaking it down into actions that will maximize their earnings. Better yet, it’s fun!

What’s more, they’ll earn real prizes and special badges as they conquer levels. And, they can rewatch the training videos as often as they’d like after leveling up. 

Through February 28th, you’re getting even bigger rewards, that is, if you’re in it to win it!

What does it take? 

  1. Open up your New Earth Connected app and complete the first 3 levels.
  2. Help all of your first-level partner Associates do the same thing. 
  3. The top 5 Associates with the most first-level Associates using the New Earth Connected App will win. 

The winning Associate and ALL of their first level Associates (who have completed 3 levels) will receive 10% off their next autoship!** 

Don’t have enough first level people to win? Use the Enrollment and Re-Enrollment promotion to onboard new first-level partner Associates and teach them to use New Earth Connected! 

**Applies to USA Associate accounts. The reward is valid for the month after winners have been announced and will be applied to your account as a commission credit after the order processes. 

Referral Rewards

It’s a single offer with benefits for all, and it’s at your disposal all month long! 

This is your “go-to” tool when it comes to closing a prospective customer and leveraging your network of customers to grow your business and continue to spread good health. 

Here’s how it works!

You have a unique promo code (your account number followed by REF) that you can share with prospects (those who have never been a New Earth customer) from January through February. The details are simple. When your prospect places an order with your coupon code on your replicated site, they will receive 10% off and free shipping.+

Of course, there’s more to this coupon—Referral Rewards for your customers! 

Every customer who places an order receives a sharable coupon code that’s good for 10% off and free shipping for a new customer. Now, they can’t use it but they can share it. And, when one of your customers refers a new customer a couple of things happen:

  • That new customer goes into your network. 
  • The customer who made the referral receives a special reward, good for 10% off their next order.

The same holds true for you when you use your coupon code to refer a new customer in January or February. You’ll also receive a coupon code that is good for 10% off your next standard order. Please note that the 10% Referral Reward coupon will be emailed within two weeks of the new customer enrollment. 

So not only do you have an offer you can share with prospects, but when you care for your customers they are more likely to share their coupon thus referring you new business.

+One reward can be earned per cycle for a total of two a month. Your coupon is good for 60 days from the date the email is sent and is valid for one standard USA order only. Coupon codes are not retroactive and are non-transferable. Cannot be used with other discounts or promotions. 

New & Newish Immunity Bundle

While the bundle is available for all to get free standard shipping in the U.S., the offer for 10% off the Immunity Bundle products is reserved for all New and Newish Retail Customer and Preferred Customer accounts (those who joined within the last 12 months).

Sure, we are moving through winter and the colder months that tend to remind us just how important it is to support the immune system, but let’s be real, immune system support is important 365 days of the year. 

This limited-time Immunity Bundle covers all bases with the powerful combination of Defend and Spectrabiotic. It’s a one-two punch supporting your ever-important gut (where over 70% of your immune system lives) and nourishing your body with immune-supporting medicinal mushrooms, beta-glucan, and organic Wild Microalgae®

And, it’s 10% off for all those New and Newish accounts! What’s more, it unlocks FREE standard shipping when added to the order.^

^Offer available for USA standard orders only. Discount and free shipping available for accounts created between February 1, 2020, and January 31, 2021. Offer may not be combined with other discounts or promotions. 

Flyers for Sharing

As you can see, we’ve created a special for any resolution out there, whether it’s starting a side hustle or simply creating a healthier lifestyle. We know this is a lot to share, so we’ve created two flyers for you: one to share with your partner Associates, and one to share with your customers. These can be found in the Resources section of your Online Office under “What’s New.” 


  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, January 7th at 6 pm Pacific. Register here!
  • January Round-Table, Monday, January 11th at 6 pm Pacific. Register here!
  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, January 14th at 6 pm Pacific. Register here!
  • Opportunity Meeting, “Become a Wellness Entrepreneur” English-On Demand. Watch here!

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