Vol. 8 Issue 51-December 22, 2020

Happy Holidays

Maybe it’s the warm fire and a cozy blanket, the twinkle of the lights on the Christmas tree, or that steaming cup of hot gingerbread tea, there’s something about this season that warms the heart and soul. Yes, this year is a little different than the rest with the social distancing, but that joy still exists. And, it’s the season to spread some cheer. 

Together we can fill the air (or social media) with kind words, gratitude, and positivity. We can send our loved ones thought-filled gifts and words of kindness, and we can give in whatever capacity we are able to. Together, we can have a tremendous impact this holiday season!

With that, we wish you a heartfelt happy holidays! We are beyond grateful to be connected with such wonderful people. 

December Specials

Striving for the Business Builder Bonus this month? There’s still time! And, we still have holiday promotions to help you get there. 

  • Pack Slip Coupon: As you strive to achieve the 2 x 2 you have the pack slip coupon at your disposal. Share the discount with warm prospects to help move them towards a purchase. 
  • Skin Care Bundles: Filled with FREE bonus products, FREE shipping, discounts, and limited-time offers, these bundles make fantastic holiday gifts! 
  • Face Masks: We want all of our customers to continue to stay safe as we face this pandemic. With that, there’s an avenue to get a New Earth branded COVID style face mask. 

Get the details on all of the holiday specials here

Section 3: Holiday Hours

As we set time aside to spread Joy, we will be taking a little time away from the office. The office holiday hours are as follows:

  • December 24th: open until noon Pacific.
  • December 25th: closed all day.
  • January 1st: closed all day.

Section 4: Events

  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, January 7th at 6 pm Pacific. Register here!
  • January Round-Table, Monday, January 11th at 6 pm Pacific. Register here!
  • Opportunity Meeting, “Become a Wellness Entrepreneur” English-On Demand. Watch here!

Section 5: New Earth Social

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