Vol. 8 Issue 26- July 02, 2020

July Promotional Enrollment Packs

Determine your goals and how you will achieve them, build your schedule, work on your own terms in your own way…Nothing compares to the freedom of an entrepreneur. In honor of Independence Day, we’ve lowered the barrier to becoming a Wellness Entrepreneur and experiencing the freedoms it allows.

During the month of July, new Associates have the option of two promotional enrollment packages:

  • Freedom Pack: 2 boxes of Essentials, 1 bottle of Body 240 capsules with enrollment included for $229.00.
  • Independence Pack: 2 bottles of Body 240 capsules, 1 box of Essentials with enrollment included for $229.00.

Independence Day Has Us Thinking about Freedom

Freedom…have you ever paused to think about it…better yet, have you ever taken the time to think about what it really means to be free?

We are very fortunate to enjoy the freedoms we do today. But, our freedom doesn’t come free and, as a matter of fact to this day is still not free. It takes a great deal of action to maintain this freedom. Not only to maintain, but to ensure that all of our brothers and sisters in humanity, regardless of race, political views, and so on, enjoy the same freedoms. It’s our collective responsibility to stand against injustice in all forms and actively participate in making this world better day-in and day-out.

The actions we take each and every day have an impact on not only our personal freedom but the freedom of those around us enjoy. Every action or lack of action has an impact.

At New Earth we are about spreading good, we are here to make this world we live in a better place and it starts by exercising our freedom and standing for good.

That comes down to a personal level as well. Yes, we are here to make the world a better place, but we are all a part of New Earth for personal reasons as well. And, that’s ok. We are all fortunate to live in a country where many of us can develop our own goals and then go out and chase them…and…where we can let our passion fuel our work. There is more work to be done, so all of us can have this opportunity.

But, what good is this freedom if we don’t exercise it? What good is this freedom if we don’t take every chance we have to better ourselves and positively impact others while we are at it?

Far too often we let one word stifle our action, fear…fear of losing, fear of failure, fear of looking silly, fear of being judged, fear of what others think, fear of success even…

Fear drowns action which takes freedom down with it. Don’t let fear steal your freedom from you. Let your daily action fuel the freedoms you enjoy.

Your July Autoship Could Be Reimbursed

Summer is here and your skin is facing the elements. Fear not, we have an amazing skin supplement that is excellent for this time of year, and every season for that matter. It’s Nutrabeautiful.

Nutrabeautiful is filled with antioxidants and vitamins, is super lightweight, fast-absorbing, and hydrating. It comes with amazing benefits including promoting soft and supple skin and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Unlike many other topicals, like lotions, creams, and serums, Nutrabeautiful is a true supplement for your skin with an incredible ingredient line up:

  • Soothing aloe vera
  • Moisturizing coconut oil
  • Protecting jojoba oil
  • Restoring rose
  • Cleansing witch hazel
  • Nourishing organic Wild Microalgae®
  • Balancing rosemary
  • Rejuvenating neem

It also happens to be the product that will help you receive an entry to have your July autoship reimbursed. How?

Post a picture of you and your Nutrabeautiful on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #nourishmyskin and tag @newearthco anytime during the month of July. You will receive one entry for every unique post you share.


Please note, there will not be a Success Lab on July 2nd.

  • July Round Table, Monday, July 6th at 6 pm Pacific. Register here!
  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, July 9th at 6 pm Pacific. Register here!
  • New Earth Success Lab, Thursday, July 16th at 6 pm Pacific. Register here!
  • Opportunity Meeting, “Become a Wellness Entrepreneur” English-On Demand. Watch here!
  • Opportunity Meeting, “Become a Wellness Entrepreneur” Spanish-On Demand. Watch here!

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