Vol. 8 Issue 25- June 25, 2020

Getting Group Engagement

During last week’s Success Lab we began discussing common questions in regards to the 30 Day Gut Reboot customer onboarding system. This evening we are going to address the concern of group participation.

Just so we are crystal clear, the Facebook Challenge group is the Facebook group that those who purchase Essentials through your replicated gut reboot website are invited to join.

Those who decide to join commit to 30 days of habits that support their gut health and overall health. Throughout the journey, we provide a safe, inspiring, and educational environment all in efforts to support participants and help them maximize their experience.

Naturally, it’s a place to develop community and relationships, it’s a place for accountability, and it’s a place to educate and share resources, all with the end goal of better gut health and overall health for challenge participants.

This is where you can create lifelong customers and harness the power of retention. The more participation the more powerful and beneficial the group is.

With that, many of you who have been running your own challenge groups have faced a common challenge: getting people in the group to participate and engage. We know and understand this challenge very well as we’ve encountered some of the same experiences.

This evening on the Success Lab, we are going to dive into a few solutions, including teaming up on the corporate 30-day group in order to generate greater participation and enhanced customer experience.

See you tonight at 6 pm Pacific!


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