Vol. 7 Issue 46-November 14, 2019

Sales Process Part 2-The Appointment

Last week we talked about methods of preparing for a presentation and how important it is to always be prepared. Remember, this does not mean you wait until you know everything and have a perfect pitch to talk to prospects. It simply means that you prepare just enough to get out there and be ready to make your greatest strides as you work your business.

Moving along with the sales process we are going to dive into the presentation portion of the process. And, that begins with setting the stage.

So what does it mean to set the stage and why do you want to do it?

Setting the stage is part of setting expectations. You are excited to be meeting with this person and you believe that they are going to like what you have to share. If you didn’t believe so, you wouldn’t be meeting with them. It’s important to share that excitement and expectation with your prospect.

We use something called an embedded command to accomplish this. An embedded command is a command hidden in a sentence that tells your prospect what to think.

You could say something along the lines of, “I’m super excited and I think in the next 15 minutes, you will be too.” or “name, thanks so much for meeting with me today. I have some information to share that is going to really excite you”

In each example, you told your prospect that they are going to be excited about what you are going to tell them. With that simple phrase, they will be looking for information that excites them.

We are going to cover this and much, much more this evening at 6 pm on the Success Lab. We hope to see you there!

Mid Month Push

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, now is the time for a mid-month push to reach your goals, hit that next rank, and boost your commissions! This is, in fact, a month to hustle hard upfront, pay close attention to your volumes and achieve your goals early. Why? You ask. Thanksgiving is falling on November 28th, the end of the month and we always say: family comes first.

We want you to enjoy your holiday, nourish your body with a great meal, enjoy a stroll in nature or maybe a family football game, whatever it is that you love most. We want you to be fully present in your celebrations, because, that’s exactly what we will be doing as well.

With that, the corporate office will be closed November 28th through the end of the month. The office will reopen on Monday, December 2nd.

So go ahead, utilize the Defend sale now to help you close out the month early! Visit your Online Office for sale details.


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