Vol. 7 Issue 42-October 17, 2019

It’s Just a Phase

Life is full of phases. Think back to your teen years and then to your early 20’s, surely you went through a few phases.

Just like life in general, there are phases when it comes to sales and the beginning happens to be the most difficult phase.

Every successful salesperson you meet, every leader in this industry, had to start at the beginning and go through the three phases in sales to get where they are today. There is no way around it.

This evening during the Success Lab we are going to dive into the three phases and discuss techniques to quickly advance through them.

So, what are these phases?

Phase 1: Awkward
Most people begin in the Awkward Phase. In fact, being at the Natural Phase in one business does not mean that you will be at the Natural Phase in another business. So what is the Awkward Phase? It’s bumpy, it’s rough and it’s the phase where most people quit. Through this phase, you are learning how to talk about your products and your opportunity, you fumble and stumble and that’s ok. Its a phase to be forgiving and kind to yourself.

Phase 2: Mechanical
When you reach the Mechanical Phase you have graduated from Awkward (and that’s a great feeling). At this point, you are able to clearly communicate about your products and opportunity but are not quite smooth yet. There are bumps along the way but it’s much better than Awkward.

Phase 3: Natural
When you reach Natural, you are just that—“a natural”. You are able to get in front of any audience and can deliver a presentation that resonates with, and moves, your audience. You can’t put enough o’s in smooth to describe you!

So what is the trick from moving from Awkward to Natural? Join us tonight at 6 pm!

It’s a Reflex

If someone were to say to you “Hey, how are you doing?”. How would you respond? Likely with something along the lines of “Good, and you?”. What’s more, you would do this all without thinking and whether you are good or not, that’s how you would answer the question.

So, why is this? Why do we answer questions in that manner? Reflexive habits.

What exactly is a reflexive habit or reflexive response? It’s something you do or say without thinking. It’s automatic. And, when it comes to sales, it’s a habit you want to kick.

How do we go about kicking these habits? We are going to discuss this and more this evening at 6 pm during the Success Lab.

It takes time and practice, but when mastered, it will help you be far more effective in your New Earth business and any other opportunity you take advantage of. It will not only make you a better salesperson but a better communicator in every aspect of your life.

See you this evening!


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