Vol. 7 Issue 20-May 16, 2019

We Are Raising Our Standards

We take pride in the products that we offer. Over the last several months we have been going over each and every product and its ingredients to ensure that they meet our standards and yours, as well as meet the benefits customers are looking for at a price that is reasonable for their uniquely high quality.

With that, we have had a few delays in product production and have identified a couple products that New Earth will no longer offer as they do not meet our standards.

Today we announce two additional changes to our product offerings…

BG Bars: New Earth has not been the direct manufacturer of our wonderful BG Bars. Instead we worked closely with a trusted vendor in the northwest. In recent years the pricing has steadily risen. Within even more recent months pricing was expected to go up dramatically which was going to cause the price of BG bars to increase dramatically as well.

In order to maintain BG Bars and pay respectable commissions on them as well, New Earth was faced with the prospect of almost doubling the price which does not meet the value proposition our Associates deserve.

Like you, we love our BG Bars and hate to see them go, however, they will no longer be available at this time.

Wild Water: New Earth has always prided itself on the quality and effectiveness of its products. Afterall, why does anyone buy a healthy product but for the benefits it promises to deliver. In recent months, as we have evaluated our line, we were faced with tough quality decisions regarding Water’s ongoing offering. Sources for some high end and crucial ingredients simply dried up and were no longer available. Replacements that meet New Earth’s requirements for quality and purity were simply unavailable. This would dilute the formula to a point that no longer meets our standards. We pride ourselves on excellence. Good enough is well, not good enough. As a result, Wild Water will be available while existing inventory lasts.

Although we hate to see it go, New Earth will simply not be in a position where we lower our standards in order to keep products that do not meet our values and our goals.


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