Vol. 7 Issue 02-January 10, 2019

Our Pillars Lift Us Up

At New Earth our mission is to create a network of passionate entrepreneurs who LIVE in the fullness of whole health, GIVE to empower others, and GROW rich and meaningful lives. We are here to provide an avenue to do well while doing good. To this end, we embrace and are committed to three pillars that define our goals and enrich our lives. These three defining principles, if embraced fully, will not only help drive your New Earth business but add meaning and fullness to your life.

  • LIVE – What does it mean to really live? It means taking care of you first. It means to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit. By focusing on health first, we maximize our abilities – physical and mental – when we have an able, nourished body and a sharp, clear mind we can then focus on our goals and aspirations, enjoy the great outdoors, and enhance the lives of others. In short, we can live the New Earth lifestyle.
  • GIVE – We take a “boots on the ground” approach when it comes to giving. We are not bystanders discussing the need for change and compassion for one another. We are action takers volunteering our time with local organizations, stewards of our planet picking up trash on the sidewalk and friendly neighbors who are happy to lend a helping hand to a neighbor in need. We incorporate the power of giving into our daily lives.
  • GROW – Growing a business starts with personal growth. When you begin to move outside your comfort zone, challenge yourself daily, and continually be a student of success you will see a transformation in yourself and your business.

Our mission – and yours, if you choose! – is to help deliver Earth’s First Foods to every body and soul on the planet thus making it a far healthier and happier place to live.

Product Updates

Essentials blend plus is back in stock and available for all order types.

The Edge box is going from packets to bottles. After a great deal of feedback, we will be moving away from the Edge Box packets and strictly to bottles of Drive, Focus, Flex, and Rebound. You will have the opportunity to purchase them in a four pack or individually.

Please stay tuned for updates and timing.


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