Vol. 7 Issue 01-January 03, 2019

Setting the Tone for 2019

2018 was a year of transition and upgrades, laying the perfect foundation for a successful 2019. We revised the compensation plan and designed it specifically for your growth and longevity, we introduced the New Earth Pay Portal and the New Earth Connected mobile app, we upgraded the Replicated Websites and Online Office, and so much more. While some of the items continue to be in progress, we are sitting on a perfectly poured foundation waiting to support growth for years to come.

The holiday “break” is over, the festivities have come to an end, and the time has come to dive head first into 2019 without delay. Right now it may feel like there is plenty of time to accomplish your yearly goals, however, as we all know time moves quickly and before you know it we will be looking back on 2019.

As we sit here in our first week of 2019 we have the opportunity to set the tone for the year, to commit to small daily actions that will lead to massive results as we move through the year. You have what it takes, all you have to do is commit to yourself and let your “why” drive you.

We look forward to taking on 2019 with you!

Dare to Grow

It’s a unique time of year. Throughout these next four weeks, many people will be hyper-focused on their New Year’s resolutions. They will be using their new gym membership, starting a new diet and implementing a variety of both practical and crazy plans to achieve their 2019 resolutions. The reality is, most of these people will not make it through the first month of the year before they give up on their well-intentioned resolutions.

You have a tool at your fingertips that may just change the fate of someone’s resolution this year, it’s called Dare to be Wild. In fact, this is the absolute best time of year to use Dare to be Wild as a prospecting tool and help someone reach their goals. We are talking about changing lives and growing your business while at it.

It all starts with a simple question, and this time of year the question is: How are your New Year’s resolutions going? The answer will determine where you take the conversation. If their health resolutions are not going as well as planned, introduce them to the Dare and invite them to join you.

When your prospect agrees to join you in the Dare be sure to add them to the Dare to be Wild Facebook Group. Simply let them know that you will be adding them to a group of fellow Dare participants where they will receive encouragement, support, and accountability.

And just like that, you will have a prospect that is clearly interested in bettering their health and wellness and is willing to take action creating the perfect opportunity to share your New Earth story and take your new prospect through the sales process.

Remember, follow up is key. Your interaction over these 90 days could be the difference between a loyal customer, a new Associate or a person who orders once and drops off. You must keep the conversation going.

Go ahead, use the Dare to be Wild challenge as a platform to change lives and grow your New Earth business this New Year season.


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