Vol. 6 Issue 8-February 22, 2018

Business Success: Shift The Focus

Ever heard of the term majoring on minors? So apparently for a very long time, the attention has slowly been shifting from the majors (in this case making our client happy) to the minors (making more money). During this unconscious drift, the focus has changed from one centered at making the customers happy and satisfied, into one that is all about the different ways of making more money.

Many of you had wild ambitions when you first joined the business. Many of these ambitions were fueled by a laser-beam focus on ways to make extra money. Do not get us wrong; enthusiasm is incredible, we live for ambition and we esteem it highly amongst our New Earth Associates. Blind ambition alone or rather misdirected goal is, however, not healthy business-wise.

In simple terms, too much focus on what we like to call the minors (self-interests) is not healthy for business.

Business efforts should be centered on what you can do for the customers, as opposed to what the customer can do for you. The customers must be able to feel that you care about them and their prosperity too as opposed to individual interests.

Here is what happens when one focuses too much on ambition and neglects the customer:

The customer will feel neglected, uncared for and most probably unwanted by business efforts that are not customer oriented. These are substantial legitimate grounds for a client to walk away. Remember the nature of our work is more of a personal appeal. The better your relationship skills are, the higher the chance of you having happy customers left, right, and center. Isn’t that what we all want?

You see, it is ironical how the world works. If you focus too much on the reward, you end up missing it altogether. Unlike when you decide to perfect the art; income, and reward will follow you. Similarly, if you need ways to make extra income, merely focus on giving the best service you possibly can.

Business Relationship
The only way to have and to maintain your network is to pay attention to them. Customers don’t walk away just for the fun of it.

Just like a relationship, you must pay attention to your business partners. Listen to their problems, help solve them, be apart of their progress, celebrate their success with them and advise them whenever necessary. Remember, here at New Earth, we consider ourselves a family and families always stick together.

Corporate Social Responsibility
The saying goes: No person is an island. We all have to relate to each other every single day. Being social beings, we are made up of societies and businesses are a part of it. Giving back to the community, focusing more on them, or even having them in your mind while making business decisions goes a long way in solidifying your success. Customer-centered or a community-centered business is more likely to succeed than the one that is not. This is because it receives community protection and loyalty when it comes to business stability and longevity.

We should all learn how to balance personal ambition and a customer orientation. It is not always about us. We are all about loyalty. Remember a satisfied customer without loyalty is worthless, but a loyal customer is priceless.

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