Vol. 6 Issue 7-February 15, 2018

See Your Name in Lights

We want to see how you GIVE back! We’d love to showcase images and videos of you giving back to your community. Please submit any video or images you have to support@newearthsupport.com no later than Friday, Feb 23rd.

A Better Way to Build

It’s true, we now have a better way for you to build your New Earth business. Our 3D Bonus will be moving from the Sponsor Tree to the Enroller Tree and will now include Preferred Customers volume with one 3D structure.

What does this mean for you? It means we expanded the scope of the 3D bonus. Rather than including autoships from Associates only, it will now include autoships from Associates and Preferred Customers. This bonus is not just about building builders, it’s about building autoships.

What we are really talking about is a solid foundation for your New Earth business. By changing from the Sponsor Tree to the Enroller Tree we are helping you to reinforce the golden behavior: continuing to enroll, grow and share the power of organic Wild Microalgae® with every body and soul on the planet. This change is going to help you build leaders, build stability in your network and teach your network to practice one of the core actions of this business.

Gold Recognition Trip

Climbing the ranks takes time, effort, and dedication to your New Earth business, and we understand that. We are thrilled to announce our Gold recognition trip will take place September 2018.

Those who achieve the rank of Gold and maintain that rank for three months will receive a one time all expenses paid trip to visit Klamath Falls, the home of New Earth and our organic Wild Microalgae.

The weather will be beautiful, and the algae we know and love may even be in bloom. It will surely be a trip to remember!

This trip will occur annually for all who achieved the Gold Rank within the past year. Mark your calendars, set your goals and get ready to set your New Earth business on fire.

Founders Club

We have been talking about opening new markets and taking your New Earth business international quite a bit these last few months. We have another very exciting opportunity for you in regards to international expansion—the New Earth Founders Club.

So what exactly is the New Earth Founders club? It’s a way to reward those to who participate in the growth and leadership of our brand new markets: Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico. We have said this time and time again but now is the time to develop new relationships and expand your business abroad. You have a unique opportunity to be first to a new market, to expand on a global scale and become part of the New Earth Founders Club.

So what exactly happens when you become a member of the New Earth Founders Club in one of our new markets? You receive the following:

  • One time cash bonus $1,500 upon acceptance into the New Earth Founders Club.
  • Free enrollment at all New Earth events in that market.
  • Free preferred seating at all New Earth University events Internationally.
  • Free enrollment at all New Earth University Executive Lunches and Eco Tours for that market.
  • International recognition as a New Earth Founder Club Member including a founder pin, certificate, ceremony, and jacket.
  • Equal participation in the Founders Club Pool of 1% of total commissionable volume from that Market.

By now you are likely wondering how you become a member of the New Earth Founders club. Here is what you will need to accomplish in one of our new markets:

  • Achieve Gold 100 status within the Founders Club time-period.
  • Maintain Gold 100 status for a minimum of three months after achieving it.
  • Maintain an autoship of $150 per month.
  • Develop a minimum of 10 Silver 5 Ranks anywhere in your organization within the Founders Club time-period.
  • Be an active Associate of New Earth in good standing.

Keep in mind; you don’t have to limit yourself to just one market, you have the opportunity to accomplish this status in all three new markets!

Once you become a member of the New Earth Founders Club you will need to maintain that status by meeting the following criteria in that market:

  • Maintain a minimum of Gold Status.
  • Hold a minimum of two meetings per month with attendance of 50 or higher.
  • Maintain an auto ship of $150 every month.
  • Remain active and in good standing and continue to support and follow New Earth’s policies and procedures as well as the regulations detailed in the New Earth Associate Agreement.
  • Attend all New Earth Corporate events unless advanced notice of an inability to attend is approved.

We are 100% committed to continuing to bring you new opportunity for growth and are here to support you every step of the way. We can’t wait to see you reach your goals and become one of the first members of the New Earth Founders Club!

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