Vol. 6 Issue 5-February 01, 2018

Getting to Know Your Online Office Part 2

Last week we took a look at the home page of your online office and the beneficial widgets provided to help keep you on track with your goals and manage your network. Today we are going to navigate deeper into your online office and explore how you can utilize the marketing tools provided to take your New Earth business to the next level.

The Marketing Tool section is a key component of the business kit you received when you took advantage of the New Earth opportunity. One of the biggest perks of this business is the opportunity to be an entrepreneur without the cost of a conventional start up. Think about it, the costs of marketing a conventional start up can easily cost over $5,000 in logo design, website design and search engine optimization (SEO). Our marketing tools allow you to bypass all of that and get right to business.

Let’s start with websites. Did you know you have three replicated websites that you can share with prospects? When you look in your online office under the marketing tab you will see sections for Dare to be Wild, Wild Essentials Customer Acquisition Program (CAP), and BioAgile. All of the tabs mentioned target a different audience, provide you with a replicated website to share with prospects, and include best practices for each program.

Dare to be Wild is a 90 day dare that encourages participants to take steps to improve their health and wellness. The goal is simple: to help those participating live their best life by making small changes and incorporating New Earth products in their diet. This program is also a powerful marketing tool for you. It provides you a chance to build a broad customer base. Introducing people to the Dare is simple. You can invite them to join using your replicated website or “call them out” on Facebook by tagging them and adding them to the Dare to be Wild Facebook group.

The Wild Essentials Customer Acquisition Program is a great way to grow a network of satisfied PCs and Associates from your leads – with a simple, customer-friendly product sample and trial based on a 14 day supply of Wild Essential’s superfood system. You already have this sample page in your toolkit! Just visit the CAP User Guide to learn more.

The BioAgile program is very similar to the CAP program, with the main difference being that you, the sponsor, will be subsidizing sample shipments of BioAgile to your leads. The sample customer will pay $0.99 for shipping a BioAgile Sample Pack (one bottle of BioAgile and a BioAgile promotional card). You will pay $2.50 to cover the Sample Pack contents. Here’s how it works:

  • Call Customer Care to purchase 10 BioAgile Sample credits for $25.00 to hold in your account.
  • Share the link to your personalized BioAgile Landing Page: www.clevernutrition.com/YOURUSERIDHERE/CleverNutrition
  • Follow up with your leads.

You will also find additional marketing assets under the Social Media and Media Kit tabs. The professionally produced social media posts located in the social media tab will get you started with branded social media posts on multiple platforms. The media kit tab consists of business cards, the New Earth style guide, logos, fonts, branded images, social media banners and much more. All available for your creativity and marketing needs.

If you haven’t already, put these tools to use!

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