Vol. 6 Issue 45-November 15, 2018


Aspire, a simple word that means to aim one’s ambitions toward achieving something. As a New Earth Associate, you are constantly helping others to aspire to better health and maybe even to entrepreneurship. In fact, when it comes to sharing the good news of New Earth you want to A.S.P.I.R.E. every time by Asking, Sorting, Presenting, Inviting, Repeating, and Encouraging and Supporting. Over the next several weeks we will have a deeper look at A.S.P.I.R.E. and how to utilize it to grow your New Earth business.

Ask: It is extremely rare for a customer to seek you out and ask, “How can I buy this product right now.” You may have more luck hunting unicorns. It is a simple word “ask,” and yet it can also be daunting. Asking others for partnership in business, asking for a monthly product AutoShip, asking a potential customer to buy what you are selling is not always easy. However, if we never ask, we will never know. A crucial part of being an entrepreneur is to overcome the fear of asking others for something that may cost them money, effort, or time. Try this experiment. Before presenting anything or asking for anything from a customer or prospect, disassociate yourself with the results of the conversation. Accept the fact that you may make mistakes and you may be rejected and simply become an exuberant master of sharing your excitement for New Earth. After that, you will be more focused on being yourself and be inherently more attractive to customers.

Sort: Try this acronym on for size: S.W.S.W.S.W.W.N? It stands for Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Who’s Next? It is important because it speaks to the prospect’s need to make their own choices in buying and business just as you like to do. An invitation based business is easier to conduct because one of the necessary ingredients is an energetic CEO—you. From there, the people you meet will sort themselves as you continue to offer invitations to learn more. Some will be happy with buying the product directly from you. Others will want to enjoy the long-term benefits of monthly use and still others will wonder, “Hey, how can I do what you do?”

Go ahead, move forward with asking and sorting this week. Next week we will dive into presenting and inviting.


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