Vol. 6 Issue 44-November 08, 2018

A Simple Habit

We have experienced a lot of change over the last month which can be difficult at first because oftentimes change requires us to adapt our habits. Habits are the basis of every productivity practice or goal. Without habits, achieving a goal is very difficult.

With a month of the new compensation plan under our belt, it’s the perfect time to identify what may be holding you back or creating resistance. These areas of resistance or drag may be slowing you down when it comes to growing your New Earth business.

Once the resistance is identified it’s time to go work and put a habit in place that will eliminate it. Easier said than done though. It takes a whopping 66 days to create a simple habit and even more for complex habits.

The trick to effectively changing your habits is to identify how you respond to an expectation. There are two kinds of expectations, outer and inner. Depending on your character, you handle expectations differently. When you recognize what kind of characteristics you have your strategy on how to change habits becomes easier.

What characteristics best fit you?

  • Obliger: Obligers meet outer expectations with ease. They have no problem delivering projects on time when another person is counting on them. However, when it comes to personal expectations they struggle.
  • Questioner: Questioners do exactly what we would expect, they question expectations. They frequently ask “why” as they are committed to logic and efficiency.
  • Rebels: Rebels are our resisters. It doesn’t matter if the expectation is outer or inner, they resist it. They simply do what they want when they want.
  • Upholders: Upholders do a fantastic job at both outer and inner expectations. They are the ones who meet deadlines and keep resolutions with ease.

As you begin to identify your characteristics it will become easier to change your habits and ultimately you will become more effective at doing well while doing good.

Not sure what habits you should focus on? No problem, stick to developing habits centered around the 5 Key Behaviors for Success as these behaviors will help you successfully build and retain a strong foundation and network.


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