Vol. 6 Issue 42-October 25, 2018

A Workshop Near You

Our training team is hitting the road and may be coming to a city near you with New Earth Workshops. You can think of these as mini New Earth Universities where we will cover products, the new compensation plan, techniques for growing your New Earth business and much more!

These workshops will be quick and easy to duplicate. You’ll learn things like:

  • How to share the products in an easy, simple way that will resonate with prospects.
  • How to give a quick and simple explanation of the compensation plan benefits.
  • How to comfortably give presentations to people who are interested in learning more about New Earth.

We are going on tour in 2019 and may be coming to a city near you! But that is really up to you. If you are interested in attending a New Earth Workshop email us at events@neweath.com.

New Packaging Same Product

Renew is has changed its look. It’s the same product you know and love wrapped in a green label.

It’s at our core: NUTRABEAUTIFUL

Your skin, it’s the largest organ of the body, your first layer of protection and oftentimes an indication of your age. In a world where maintaining youthful looks is important, it only makes sense to nurture and feed your skin, naturally. Our research team has the perfect solution, NUTRABEAUTIFUL lotion.

This proprietary blend is effective at minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through the application of antioxidant conditioners. While NUTRABEAUTIFUL is effective on every type of skin, it is particularly beneficial when applied to mature, sensitive or otherwise distressed skin.

NUTRABEAUTIFUL contains organic freshwater microalgae, beta glucans, and organic aloe vera as well as other premium, natural ingredients to feed your skin the nutrients it needs.


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