Vol. 6 Issue 40-October 11, 2018


Due to a short-term vendor delay and limited inventory Rebound will be restricted to established AutoShip orders through November. Until then, we invite you to turn to Flex for your recovery needs. We apologize for the inconvenience and will notify you as soon as Rebound is available for standard orders.

Hitting Ranks

With a little over a week of the new compensation plan under your belt, I’m sure you are wondering where you stand and likely asking “what’s my new rank”.

Your projected rank is displayed in your online office in real time throughout the current month, but that rank is not official until commissions are processed and the month is closed. The official achieved rank will be set when commissions are processed in November.

Rest assured, you will be receiving an email at the beginning of November explaining your new rank along with the requirements to advance to the next rank.

FREE Shipping

Did you know that we are offering free shipping for your Preferred Customers? Every Preferred Customer order, standard or AutoShip, that values $150 or more will qualify for free shipping in the US.

It’s at Our Core, MIND

A sharp, clear mind is vital for our health, happiness, and overall quality of life. We tend to recognize this as we age, but the truth is, it’s never too early to start supplementing with brain-boosting nutrients. A healthy mind is at the core of who you are and MIND is at the core of New Earth.

MIND’s key ingredient is organic Wild Microalgae® that is sourced from a pristine area in Southern Oregon. Microalgae is one of the most unique and abundant natural food resources available in the world today. In fact, for human health, organic Wild Microalgae, is one of the most important foods for best maintaining brain health and enhancing the activity of this essential organ in the body.

This superfood not only provides the amino acids and essential fatty acids that energize brain activity but also delivers a potent blend of other nutrients that help drive mental acuity and heighten concentration.

As you introduce your prospects to New Earth supplements, don’t forget to start at the core with MIND.


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