Vol. 6 Issue 34-August 30, 2018

The Prospecting Roller coaster

Running your own business can be an exhilarating experience, especially once you get comfortable riding the prospecting roller coaster. Mastering the ups and downs of finding the right people to grow your business is the key to success. To help you on your way, here are the stages of prospecting and some tips to help you enjoy the ride.

Making Contact
Whether you are approaching someone you already know or are connecting with a new prospect on social media, it all starts with making contact. You can’t grow your business if you don’t tell other people about it.

The key to starting your trip on the prospecting roller coaster is simply deciding to get on the ride. Many new business owners let the fear of rejection or embarrassment keep them from finding that next successful sale. Remember that everyone you meet is a potential prospect.

Presenting the Opportunity
Now that you know more about your prospect, it’s time to share your New Earth story with them. This is where your mindset is critical. Remember that you are not trying to sell them on anything. You are simply presenting them with an opportunity to change their lives for the better.

Many Associates falsely believe they need the perfect sales pitch. The reality is that you simply need to share your New Earth story with excitement. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and prospects that are searching for happiness will be drawn to your positive attitude.

Getting a Reaction
This is the stage that most Associates fear the most. It’s like that slow climb up the first hill on the roller coaster—filled with a strange mix of fear, anticipation, and expectation. While this can be the most intimidating stage, it is also the most exciting.

The first step in getting the most out of this stage is to make sure that you master the art of sharing your New Earth story with enthusiasm. This will help quickly identify prospects that share your excitement for life and illuminate those that simply aren’t ready. (Remember that a “no” often means it’s just not the right time to engage with you.)

The second key here is to understand that every negative reaction gets you one step closer to a positive one. Once you get a positive reaction, you can then start preparing for the next stage of the roller coaster.

Follow Up
Now the ride is starting to get really fun. You are zipping down that first hill, filled with excitement. Don’t get caught thinking the easy part is over. Now is when you need to get focused in for the rest of the ride.

Timing your follow up is the key to success in this stage. You’ve planted the seed with your prospect, but you need to tend to it quickly so that it can take root. Be sure to set a follow-up time frame before the initial contact is over. Then you need to be diligent with your follow up.

This is where the roller coaster goes through all its twists and turns. As you share your New Earth story and products, your prospect is going to ask questions, identify barriers, and list their fears that may prevent them from getting involved.

A successful presentation is dependent on your ability to maintain your excitement and enthusiasm for the products. You have all the tools to handle everything your prospect can throw at you. Stay confident and continue to build the relationship with your prospect.

Decision Time
You survived the ride. Whether they choose to become a customer or not, you’ve proven you can handle the roller coaster. Take this time to evaluate how you did, make some adjustments and get back on the ride for more prospects.

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