Vol. 6 Issue 33-August 23, 2018


Over the last several weeks we have been following Mary’s journey with New Earth. We watched her follow the natural progression of starting as a Retail Customer and migrating to an Associate. From there we analyzed her ability to grow her New Earth business by learning from her upline, team building, and leading.

Mary has accomplished lofty goals and helped change many lives by following a tried and trued roadmap, but there is still a lot to be done. Mary has to maintain this network she has built by keeping her customers and business builders happy. We call this retention.

Retention is the human element of this business. It brings a sense of connection that we all need in life. When it comes to retention constant communication is vital.

For her customers, Mary is acting like an account executive or a customer service agent. She is checking in with them every couple months to see how they are doing and how the products are working for them. She is gauging their interest level to see if they would like to subscribe to an autoship or become an Associate. She is answering product questions and suggesting new products. Mary is there to ensure they have a great customer experience.

For her Associates, Mary is all about giving attention. She is in tune with her online office and knows when her team promotes in rank or hits a big goal and Mary is the first one to congratulate them when this happens. Mary stays connected to New Earth to keep up with the latest events and developments. She holds weekly webinars or calls with her team leaders and even travels to see them every once in a while. She is there to support her team and reassure them that they are doing the right thing.

Any business owner can tell you how important retention is. You spend countless hours growing your network of prospects, pitching your products and marketing your business opportunity to consider your task done when you sell to a new Retail Customer or enroll a new Associate. You must work to retain these people by going the extra mile and ensuring they know that they are important.

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