Vol. 6 Issue 32-August 16, 2018


Every successful team has a great leader whether it be a team captain, a coach, or the Executive Director of an organization. The same holds true in the Direct Sales industry. For an Associate to achieve higher ranks and maximize their business, they must be a great leader. However, just like in life, there is a time to lead and a time to follow in Direct Sales.

So how will you know when to migrate toward leading? Let’s have a look at Mary’s journey with New Earth.

Last week we talked about Mary’s progression to becoming an Associate along with her ability to effectively team build. Let’s pick up where we left off and explore Mary’s progress to becoming a leader. To do so, we must first look at the other side of the story.

Someone had to recruit Mary, right? We will call that person Suzie. Being Mary’s direct upline, Suzie has been coaching Mary all along, helping her find resources, learning the compensation plan and teaching Mary how to team build. With that being said, Mary is currently in learning mode and isn’t quite ready for leading.

Mary has been diligently learning about all of New Earth’s products, becoming an expert in the compensation plan, team building, asking Suzie for help when necessary and building her team along the way.

Now Mary has an organization several levels deep with multiple team leaders. If this were a 9-5 job, Mary would be seen as the Vice President of an organization. She is spending a good chunk of time doing what Suzie once did for her, leading her team builders, coaching them and acting as a resource when they need her.

As you grow an organization of leaders, it is essential to be available to nurture them and help develop the skills to build their organization (as someone once did for you). The saying holds true that Direct Selling is very much a team sport.

In a nutshell, Mary teaches her new team members how to duplicate what she has done and begin to build a team of their own.

This key action of team building is the launch pad for growing a stable network that propels you into a position of leadership.

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