Vol. 6 Issue 31-August 09, 2018

Team Building

In the Direct Sales industry, team building is at the core of what we do and is essential to a successful business. It is the act that allows us to grow our network with a solid foundation for future growth.

So what exactly is team building? In its simplest form, it’s the process of getting a person started with the New Earth Opportunity. And, through this process you start to build a network of sales people. But it doesn’t stop there. Part of this process is taking the extra step and teaching your new team members how to enroll new Associates and build teams of their own.

Let’s have a deeper look of what this process might look like. A person has decided that they love New Earth products, they have been on an autoship for a while, and are ready to take the next step and earn as a New Earth Associate. Let’s call this person Mary.

Mary enrolls with New Earth and is ready to start her business. The first thing Mary does is start sharing her experience with the products (her own New Earth story). As Mary continues to share her story she starts to sell to customers.

Mary is very good at follow up and maintains ongoing communication with her customers. Some customers are happy as Retail Customers and others are interested in becoming Preferred Customers (PC) and subscribing to an AutoShip. Mary continues to maintain contact and follow-up with all of the above.

Through her follow-up Mary learns that some of her PCs have developed a love for the New Earth products and are ready to share their story and build a New Earth business (they are interested in making money). Mary helps these PCs upgrade to an Associate account and educates them on the natural progression of a customer (Customer to PC to Associate).

She encourages her new team members to go out, start sharing their New Earth story and selling to customers. She teaches these new members the importance of follow up and how to upgrade from Customer to PC and from PC to Associate.

In a nutshell, Mary teaches her new team members how to duplicate what she has done and begin to build a team of their own.

This key action of team building is the launch pad for growing a stable network that propels you into a position of leadership.

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