Vol. 6 Issue 30-August 02, 2018

Enrolling vs. selling–There is a Difference

Enrolling versus selling, did you know there is a difference? It’s actually a significant difference that you should understand as you grow your New Earth business.

Selling refers to the action required to sell a product to a Customer or Preferred Customer. Enrolling refers to the action required to enroll a new Associate team member to earn income with New Earth. Notice two distinct differences; one action is sharing and engaging (enrolling) people in the business opportunity while the other is selling our products.

It’s important to keep these actions separate. One of the worst things you can do for your business is to try to enroll a person you should be selling to. At times it may be tempting to help your customer get the “best deal” but that only cuts into your profit and sets up false expectations for the customer. It may also be tempting to enroll anyone and everyone as an Associate because it seems like the quickest way to build your business and hit bonuses but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, by doing that you are hurting your business more than helping.

It’s for these reasons that understanding when to sell and when to enroll is critical. The natural progression for most will be to start at customer. Take a moment and think about it, when a person starts as a customer they have time to build their beliefs in the products and company. They also have time to develop their own product story. As they start to experience the benefits the next best step may be to become a Preferred Customer by subscribing to an autoship. It’s a further commitment without jumping all the way in. Finally, should this person want to take it further (and not everyone will) the clear next step is becoming an Associate, sharing their experience and building a business.

Your business requires a solid foundation, and an essential part of building that foundation is selling to Customers and Preferred Customers and enrolling new team members.

New Earth University

New Earth University Klamath Falls is a little over a month away, and we can’t wait! The home team is busy working to finalize some announcements that you will want to hear first hand from our executive team.

We will be looking at the fine details of your business and talking about a better way to build, analyzing the law of harvest and how it applies to your business, and of course, celebrating your successes together.

Trust us when we say this is an NEU that you do not want to miss.

If you haven’t already, head over to events.newearth.com or call Customer Care at 800.800.1300 to secure your seat before August 8th when the price increases.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Are you on Instagram?

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools today with Instagram taking first place when it comes to popularity. The beautiful thing is no matter your skill level you can become a social media and Instagram expert, and we have a little challenge to help get you started if you are new to Instagram or continue your journey if you are an Instagram veteran.

We are challenging you to blend up your best smoothie or smoothie bowl and share it with us.

All you have to do is make a smoothie or smoothie bowl, take a picture of your creation, tell us how you made it, post it on your Instagram with the hashtag #summersmoothiechallenge, and tag New Earth by adding @newearthco to your post! Don’t forget to follow us while you are there!

Every week, we will pick the yummiest smoothie or smoothie bowl with the hashtag #summersmoothiechallenge, and feature it on our Instagram!

The contest ends August 30th. One lucky winner’s creation will be featured in Nourish at the end of the contest.

Upcoming Events

Next Week:
The New Earth August Round-Table is Monday, August 6th at 6pm Pacific. Reserve your seat today.
In the future:
New Earth University Klamath Falls September 14, 15, and 16. Reserve your seat today at events.newearth.com.

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