Vol. 6 Issue 28-July 19, 2018

Customers Are Key

Would you ever endorse a product before you tried it? Would you go out and recommend it to your friends before you knew if it worked or not? You probably wouldn’t. The same goes for Direct Selling. Not many will say yes to promoting products they know nothing about. It is for that reason we can’t expect someone to be interested in the New Earth opportunity before they experience the products for themselves.

The natural journey to becoming a New Earth Associate is to be a customer first. Leading with the products and obtaining as many customers as possible will ultimately grow your team of Associates. When a prospect becomes a customer and begins their journey with a simple retail purchase, they have zero risk. They can put the products to the test, realize the benefits, and start developing their own product experience.

As the new customer continues their journey their belief in the products and New Earth will begin to grow. As these beliefs grow, they may become ready to commit to an autoship. This commitment is a key indicator that they are experiencing results and starting to believe in the products.

The next step is introducing this Preferred Customer to the New Earth Opportunity. They now believe in the products and have developed their own product story, they have graduated to true brand advocates. They are a perfect candidate for becoming an Associate.

When you start your prospects as customers your closing rate will increase, your network will start to grow in a natural rhythm, and your volume will increase. It just so happens that volume is the key when it comes to commissions.

Give it a shot, lead with the products, recruit customers and see what happens in your New Earth business.

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