Vol. 6 Issue 27-July 12, 2018

Customers in the Bag

Join us for a fun, eco-friendly challenge for the month of July! When you get two new customers (Preferred Customer or Customer) in the month of July, you will receive an exclusive New Earth recyclable shopping bag. Get started today and help both the environment and your New Earth business along the way!

The Truth About Objections

Objections, we all face them at some point in life, some more so than others, especially those who work in sales. Being in the Direct Sales industry, you are bound to face objections on a daily basis, especially if you are taking action to grow your New Earth business. Your success rate lies partly in how you handle and overcome these objections.

Think back to when you first learned about New Earth, the products, and the opportunity. Did you immediately say yes? Probably not. You likely had some doubts and gave the person who introduced you to New Earth the runaround. You may have said something like I’m too busy, I don’t have the funds, or I don’t like selling. Clearly, none of those things were 100 percent true because you are here today working your New Earth business. So what was the real reason you initially objected?

Two words, limiting belief.

You initially objected because you didn’t believe enough in yourself or you didn’t believe enough in the business model yet.

Just like you had limiting beliefs at first, your prospects will have limiting beliefs at first. Understanding that will help you take your prospect down the path of overcoming their limiting beliefs and working through their objections.

When you listen carefully, you will begin to understand what is holding your prospect back and you can start your journey to overcome their limiting beliefs with them. As you take your journey together, share your New Earth story, and relate to your prospect you will see their excuses turn to yes.

All you have to do is overcome their limiting beliefs together.

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