Vol. 6 Issue 25-June 28, 2018

Let’s Get Social

Direct Sales, it’s an industry that thrives on connecting with people. There are many ways to get out there to connect with and meet new people. One of the best methods is social media. So let’s get social and use the right hashtags while doing it!

We want to see your New Earth products in action. Be sure to snap and post pictures of yourself with New Earth products to enhance your daily health and life. Be sure to post those photos with one or more of the appropriate New Earth hashtags: #NewEarthCo, #NewEarthLife, #DareToBeNew, #LiveGiveGrow, #WildEssentials, #EdgePeakPerformance, #TrustYourGut, #FromTheInsideOut, #NaturesMultivitamin, and #LifeEssentials.

We will be searching these on a daily basis to repost and highlight you! We can’t wait to see your New Earth products on the go and in action.

Flowers Don’t Bloom Overnight

If you’ve ever walked by a beautiful flower garden, you have no doubt been in awe of its beauty. We all marvel at how something so breathtaking can simply appear out of thin air. Well, the truth is, it didn’t happen overnight.

Growing a business is very much like growing a garden. They are amazing when they are finished, but it takes time, patience and persistence to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Here are three garden themed thoughts to help keep you motivated on your journey to grow your New Earth business.

Prepare the Soil
Much like a flower bed, your business needs a proper environment to grow in. A gardener does not simply throw seeds into the wind and end up with a beautiful garden. They make a plan and prepare the soil.

Now you have a better idea of what you really need to be focusing on.

Growing your business requires the same approach. First, you need to decide how big you want your business to be. That is one of the beauties of the New Earth business model. YOU get to decide.

If you want a nice size business that you can easily maintain, then you can begin to plan accordingly. If you want to go big, then you need a plan that will get you there. The desired size of your business determines how many people you need to reach out to and how often you will need to do it.

Plant the Seeds
This is really where the magic of growing your business happens. Once you have a plan for how you want to grow your business you can begin to plant seeds with potential business partners.
The beauty of this business is that you do not have to pressure sell anyone. You simply let them know about New Earth and the amazing products you enjoy and let that thought begin to germinate and grow. Just like the seeds in a garden.

This is also where you need to rely on your plan. Be sure to plant those seeds where you have prepared your soil. Scattering seeds to the wind not only gives you random results but it makes it very difficult to for you to move on to the next step in the process.

Tend Your Garden
Now that you have planned, prepared, and planted seeds you need to begin to nourish your business. You must pay careful attention to what is growing in your business.

Just like planting seeds, not all of your business opportunities are going to take root. Some folks will listen to your story and simply move on. The seed of the business never took root.

Some people will get very excited just like a seedling that breaks through the soil. However, that excitement soon fades, and the seedling does not produce fruit.

Then you have those special seedlings that you water, fertilize and cultivate. It slowly begins its first bloom and then explodes with new growth. And when properly tended, these plants spawn new growth and more flowers.

Patience is the Key
Prospecting for your new business is just like the gardening analogies above. Develop a sound business plan and prepare your new business to be successful.

Carefully plant your business ideas with potential business partners. Diligently follow up to see which ones are genuinely interested. And then nurture their growth so that they too can grow and expand their business.

Don’t forget to weed your garden periodically to keep out the negative influences that can damage your business.

At the end of the day, it’s all about planning your business and patiently watching it grow.

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