Vol. 6 Issue 21-May 31, 2018

Save on NEU Klamath Falls Now—Prices are Climbing

If there is one event to attend this year its NEU Klamath Falls. In just a few short days the prices for NEU Klamath Falls will be climbing. Be sure to secure your spot today to get the best price possible: NEU $50, EcoTour $35 and Executive Lunch $17.50. In just a couple days the prices will be rising to: NEU $85, EcoTour $50 and Executive Lunch $20. You can purchase your tickets online or through customer care at 800.800.1300.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Master the Three-Way Call to Help Others and Get Help in Your Business

Network marketing is all dependent on how strong your team is. The overall success of your business rests on the success of your team. That is why three-way calls are very important when it comes to building your team or getting help in convincing a new member to join.

For those who don’t know what a three-way call is, it is a conference call between an Associate, a prospect, and a more experienced leader in the business. The call is normally initiated by the Associate, after which the Associate calls their up-line and merges the call to have all the three parties involved. The technicality of carrying this procedure varies with different phone operating systems.

In your business, in this case, you can be the marketer or the up-line to someone in your team in need of help in enrolling customers and associates.

Using a three-way call doesn’t mean that you do not understand the product. If anything, most Associates know their products really well. So, if you know all the products, why then should you use the three-way calls?

  1. It gives a social validation. Many prospects can be skeptical about the business. A third party validation goes a long way in lessening the burden of doubt. The more the number of people validating the product the higher the chances of actually buying into it.
  2. It helps you handle objections.Sometimes there are some objections that might need more than one person to handle, this is where the three-way calls fill in.
  3. It helps you close a deal. By the time you are using a three-way call on a prospect, the prospect should be on the verge of enrolling. The three-way call will then help ensure your success.

A three-way call is a very powerful tool if used correctly. Carrying out a successful three-way call will require you to…

  1. Know Who to Call. Not everyone in your prospect list qualifies for a three-way call; only the people who have learned about the business and are interested in joining. The call works best as a final deal closing tool. This information should also be passed on to your team to avoid being asked to carry out a three-way call with a prospect who has not expressed interest in the product or the business.
  2. Learn How to Do a Three-Way Call ProperlyWhen asked by your team members to consult in a three-way call, there are some ground rules you must leverage when engaged in a three-way call:
    • Ask directed questions
      Asking direct questions as opposed to open-ended questions will save you a great deal of time. Before sharing your experience in the company, ask the prospect what intrigued them the most. This will help you tailor your conversation towards what they liked.
    • Allow the prospects to steer the conversation
      After your brief sharing, you should allow the prospect to take over and ask any questions that they may have regarding the products or business. This is where you will handle all objections and concerns.
    • Give validation
      The main reason why you have three-way calls is for social validation. Remember, your team members can carry out the presentation without your help, you only come in as a support.
  3. Have Your Team Do A Follow-Up After the call is done, make sure you follow up with your prospect. Keep in touch by sending them more product information, links to products, company’s success stories or even just a social call. These simple gestures go a long way in helping your prospects become new customers and fellow Associates.