Vol. 6 Issue 19-May 17, 2018

Fear Is the Mind Killer: Overcome Fear and Succeed

Fear is a primary emotion that every human has. It is part of our very own existence. It is a fundamental primitive reaction to the unknown. So stop reprimanding yourself and relax– it’s ok to experience fear! All you need to do is to learn to control it. Just like any emotion, fear is subject to one’s power of will.

Keeping the Reins in Hand

Fear is like two sides of a coin. On the one hand, fear is diligent, subordinate, answerable to its master (that is you). But, on the other side, it can turn out to be a ruthless master.

Direct sales can induce feelings of fear, it is unlike the traditional kind of businesses. It relies on a whole platform of personal marketing and promoting products. Joining direct sales can be scary. Because many do not know much about it or rather about the future, it is natural for fear to kick in.

Overcoming this primitive reflex makes the whole difference between those who make it in the business and those who don’t. So how can you master your fear?

  1. Identify Your Fears
    The first step in overcoming your fear is to acknowledge that this is normal. Once you have accepted that fear is hindering your progress, only then can you face it. Pinpoint the exact thing that scares you. In network marketing, the greatest fears are the fear of rejection and the fear that you wouldn’t make any money. Well, that cuts across all businesses. Once you have identified the fear, work towards overcoming them. If it’s fear of rejection you need to work on your presentation and convincing skills. You also need to learn how to handle rejections without despair.
  2. Be Optimistic
    Due to the nature of network marketing, many people will be quick to discourage you from entering the venture. You might have even been scared by some failure stories of people in this line of business. Well, bad news travels fast. There will always be people interested in pulling you down. Be positive, listen to the success stories and ignore the rest. Let no one pull your spirits down. Sometimes all you need is a glass-half-full kind of mentality to push through the tough times. Fear can never coexist with positivity. The more you become positive and optimistic, the easier it becomes to overcome your fears.
  3. Strategize
    Business is all about tact and plans. Most of the times it is the best-laid plans that carry the day. Plan your interactions and approach them in a skillful manner. Anticipate replies and rejections from the prospects and know how to handle each. This requires time and proper preparation for your presentation. Remember if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Chance always favors the prepared. Being ready will give you an edge in handling even more clients and enrolling more customers than before.

It is never too late to extricate your business from fear. Learn how to conquer this primary emotion and watch as you capture the world. Always look for help if you are in a rut. You are not alone, some Associates have been in the business longer than you, most of them will be more than happy to show you the ropes and support you in your growth.

And lastly—a quick ‘housekeeping’ note: As of May, Associates enrolling with New Earth will be required to enter their birth date during the application process.