Vol. 6 Issue 17-May 03, 2018

Sharpening Your Presentation Skills for Success—And a New Wild Essentials Presentation Available For You

Do you want to get better at selling, sharing, and enrolling new members in your business? Well, it all boils down to your approach and sales pitch. Remember, all we want is to share our fantastic New Earth products with the world. The art of convincing a customer of the benefits of a product and getting that customer actually to acquire it takes skill. The good news is that these skills are easy to develop, and can have a positive impact in other areas of your life.
Here are some few pointers that will help you convince your prospects to see the importance of what you and New Earth have to offer.

Listen To Your Prospect’s Needs and Challenges
The traditional way of making a presentation involves the marketer diving straight to their presentation. How far has this approach taken many salespersons? Not so far.
You see, handling your prospects require skill. Warm your way into their hearts by listening to their problems. Remember, your prospects are not there to help you make sales! They are there to solve their problems or find solutions. They spared you that twenty-minute appointment to see if you have anything that can add value to their lives. You cannot solve a problem which you don’t know. This is where you will be required to discover some of the challenges they face. You can then use the information you elicit during your next step.

Appeal to Your Prospect’s Challenges and Needs
One of the biggest mistakes new associates make when giving a presentation is a generalization. Most of the time, your prospects are too interested in their problem to care for others. As you go around giving your presentation, you should give a presentation that only tackles the challenges faced by that particular prospect. Demonstrate to them how you think your product will solve their problems. This approach not only saves a lot of time, but it also keeps the potential customer interested in listening to you.

Your Presentations Should Be Short and Precise
Have you ever pitched, only to have your prospect yawn to your face? Well, if you have, the first thing you might want to reconsider is the length of your presentation. Long presentations bore people! You do not want to make that fatal mistake of making a long presentation. New associates tend to be excited when making a sales presentation. With the excitement, they tend to go on and on about their products. Make it a captivating short pitch. After all, you don’t have the whole day!

Own Your Product
Potential customers can always tell when you do not believe in the product you sell. Before you set out to tell others about the benefit of the products, ensure that you have used the product and at experienced the benefits. This is where your upline can help you by helping you understand the features about our nutritionals, and by helping you get the most benefits from them. You can only give what you have. You cannot expect your customers to be enthusiastic about the product when you barely display a hint of enthusiasm.

Allow Interruptions
As you set out to create customers form prospects, always bear in mind that they are your most significant information assets. Always generate room for your customers to interrupt and ask questions whenever they need to ask. The traditional presentation module had Q and A as the last part. This does not help much since few customers can remember the initial question after a very long presentation. Allow them to interrupt whenever they have a burning question. It is from these questions that you will be able to establish the specific aspects the customers are interested in. Pursue these concerns and explain the solutions at length.
Marketing is all about the ability to convince. These five golden nuggets of making a solid presentation will help you convince your prospective clients about the solutions we offer.

Now it’s time to put these new concepts into practice! Go to the Resources page in your Online Office and get your new Wild Essentials Products Deep Dive presentation (PDF format linked in the “What’s New” section at top of page.)
It’s one of Kevin’s presentations from NEU Florida and it’s ready for you to use to talk about New Earth’s place in the market, market trends, and how Wild Essentials fits so perfectly into the big picture.
Using this as a presentation aid will help you provide your audience an understanding of what sets New Earth apart from other companies in our market—so download today and practice with your upline and book some appointments with your soon-to-be customers and Associates!