Vol. 6 Issue 16-April 26, 2018

Business Development in Spring: Prospecting and Nurturing Relationships for Growth

Business is all about relationships. The relationship between your business and the community, your business and your customers, your business and your Associates and so on. Such relationships form the very foundations to which a business is built upon. As an Associate of New Earth, prospecting to new potential customers and maintaining your relationship should be your primary focus.

At New Earth we are here to support you through the whole process of prospecting, sharing our products and maintaining your customers. We will be with you every step of the way. Feel free to access materials on our website that will help you demonstrate to your prospects what it means to be a part of New Earth and to experience better health with our nutritionals. As you go out and meet new people, here are some pointers that might help you create and maintain your relationships.

Maximize the Use of Social Media

The quickest way to gain access to a large audience is through an online platform. With people’s busy schedules, it might be difficult for you to set out and talk to many people physically. Social media can be a good environment for piquing people’s interest. The results might not be instantaneous as you might expect, but this is a great way to plant seeds for future relationships. It is a fun way of marketing as you relax and enjoy your online social life. Once you have a prospect you can go ahead and arrange for an in-person meetup to discuss what New Earth has to offer.

Work On Your Product Knowledge

Quality content is critical in the world of direct sales. Having a deeper understanding of why our supplements are effective and unique among nutritionals will boost your ability to create lifelong customers. It is for this reason that we’ve fashioned our websites with in-depth details of our products. Your prospects will expect you to understand the supplements inside and out. Before you meet with your prospects, ensure you refresh your product knowledge by going through your Online Office and replicated site. A good salesperson has a firm understanding of what they are selling.

Rehearse Your Presentation

Communication is 10% what you say and 90% how you say it! The art of communication is the backbone of prospecting. How you make your presentation matters a lot. Unfortunately, very few people are naturally good at this, the rest have to work for it. As a new Associate, you may find it a bit difficult to convince a person to try a product. This might take a bit of practice to master. Practice your presentation with your upline before you set out to meet with actual prospects. You can also rehearse in front of a mirror or a group of friends to get rid of that anxiety. You can check out our support materials online to help you further convince potential customers of our product quality.

Maintain the Relationship

Once you have a new customer, what remains is to maintain your relationship with them. The Associate-customer relationship, just like other relationships, is based on trust, care, and good communication. The customer should be able to trust both you and your products. It all starts with you selling a credible product with a good reputation. New Earth’s commitment to the highest quality standards and in house product production is an advantage for you that is unmatched in this industry. Developing trust with your customers and Associates is simply building upon the foundation that is New Earth— and this includes you! Having your customers’ interests at heart will give you a stable business for years to come.

Together we are making New Earth a company that attracts amazing people who want to improve the lives of others. Let’s work together and take the New Earth family forward for generations to come!