Vol. 6 Issue 13-April 05, 2018

Growing Leaders in Your Organization

It is no secret that success in the world of direct sales depends on the effectiveness of team leaders.

Have you ever wondered “where do leaders come from?” If you haven’t, then New Earth is right here to give you food for thought. The question of growing your own leaders has bugged many entrepreneurs and Associates who are out there looking for that “person” who will stand out from the rest to be counted as a leader.

Are Leaders Born or Made?
Are some people naturally born with biological ‘x’ factor in their bones that makes them great leaders? Is it hereditary or acquired? Leadership is acquired and not congenital—you can now rest easy and stop looking for the ‘one’ and start grooming the ones you have. Research has shown that people become leaders through the process of learning, teaching and observation.
Just like plants, leaders need to be seeded and nurtured as they grow. So, how do you grow leaders in your organization? Here’s the way to go:

Search Inside Your Organization
When seeking leaders for your team, you might be tempted to search outside the organization. Many team leaders do that for the sake of ‘injecting new blood to the organization.’ As important as it is to add new leaders to your organization, it’s also important to develop leaders from within.

Grooming a leader from within the organization boosts the morale for all Associates. At least they’ll have a tangible example that hard work is rewarded at New Earth.

Work With Who You Have
As you search for potential leaders within your organization, learn to take what you have. You might not get the right person you have in mind. Learn to work with the ones that are willing to take that extra responsibility. People learn and people change. Your laziest worker might turn out to be that person you’ve been waiting for to propel your business forward. Your best Associate may decide that this job isn’t for him or her anymore. As long as there is interest, take it and run with it. You never know where your next superstar manager will come from. Maybe they just need some polishing to reveal a shiny surface.

Grow Your Leaders
You are all too well familiar with the process of planting seeds or seedlings and watching them grow. You first need to dig a hole on a fertile soil with warmth, air and moisture. Bury the seed or seedling’s roots and wait as you constantly water and monitor it.

This is what you need to do for your team members. Once you’ve identified the willing Associates, give them the opportunity to step up. You do this while providing them with the necessary support they need to thrive in the direct sale path.

Change is not easy—ask a caterpillar during moulting. It is painful but necessary. Stepping up won’t be a walk in the park. To prevent them from quitting, always be there to support them as well as cheering them up to become leaders.

As you embrace the new season by growing flowers and plants in your garden, remember also to grow leaders in your organization—all they need is a little warmth, encouragement and additional responsibilities.

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