Vol. 6 Issue 12-March 22, 2018

How Duplicatable is Your Business?

A networking business is dependent on repeat sales– the repeat sales form a chain of new Associates who sell as well. New members of your team need support and assistance during the beginning of their career path. Once they learn the strategies of the trade, they can work with greater independence. But, this only happens if they are taught duplicable strategies.

Benefits of duplication

  1. Increased freedom
    When networking strategies are duplicable, you have a lot of freedom. You can recruit new Associates and teach them how to recruit. After that you offer support for awhile then soon more members of your team can recruit and sell on their own. This gives you free time to recruit and sell even more.
  2. Increased sales
    The networking business is a good way to drive sales. When distributors make their own sales, they increase the overall sales of your network. The sales increase more when they recruit new distributors who can do sales on their own. More sales later translate to more income for you.
  3. Business growth
    New distributors add the flow of business when they are trained appropriately. When networking strategies are taught to new Associates, business grows. When those strategies are easy to learn and implement, the business expansion rate is higher. You need to create strategies that can be implemented by all distributors.

Factors that affect duplication

  1. Leadership
    Recruits always mimic the behaviors of their leader. As a leader, you have to act in the manner you expect your Associates to act. Go with your Associates to recruit and make sales. They can learn by watching you. They will recruit and sell because you take the time to do so. When your team sees you doing nothing, they will also do nothing. Be the best team leader and inspire your team to achieve more. Motivate and encourage your team to reach their targets and goals.
  2. Duplicable Strategies
    The strategies that work for you may not work for your team. Networking strategies should be simple. They should also be applicable to everyone on your team. This means that fancy strategies may not work at all for your team. If you insist on using complex strategies, you will have to offer training to your team for longer. The moment you stop offering that support, your team will stall.
  3. Support and assistance
    With effective duplicable tips and tricks, you will begin reaping the benefits of Direct Sales quickly. Give your team the necessary tools and resources for the trade. After awhile, they will catch on and recruit Associates of their own. Your distributors will train their recruits and the cycle will go on. With a reliable system, you can focus on growing your network and income. You are assured that the team is working without your constant supervision. Your team should know that when they have a problem they should ask for assistance.
    Networking is the new frontier in sales and marketing. Maintaining a healthy network is equivalent to maintaining a steady flow of income. Adequate training should be given to new distributors. The right kind of training will set recruits on the path to success. The recruits should be given relevant targets and expectations if you want them to stay. Distributors who are fully equipped will work hard to meet their goals.

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