Vol. 6 Issue 10-March 08, 2018

In An Entrepreneurial Rut? We’re Here to Help You!

One of the most common entrepreneurial experiences is an entrepreneurial rut. Every entrepreneur has this story. Most people get into entrepreneurship thinking that it will be all roses and sunshine every day, some know that there will be hard times but most people don’t prepare for the same. You probably have your own story to tell, of that moment when everything was crumbling down by the moment and nothing seemed to work out.

You might be going through the same right now, who knows? Maybe your presentation outcomes aren’t what you envisioned, the signups are on a go-slow and the onboarding streams seem to dry up. Then worry no more, because in this entrepreneurial storm, we the New Earth team, are here to help you brave through. When you first joined up with us, it wasn’t just a business you were joining but also a family. During trying times it is the family and friends who stand by you.

Having said that, there are some few things that you should consider to do in order to break through the stagnation.

Yes, pause for a moment. An entrepreneurial rut is a way to tell you as the entrepreneur that you need to take the time to evaluate. It is a business distress call, the sooner you heed to it, the better for you. Take time off whatever you are doing, because clearly there is something that needs to be addressed. In direct sales, products cannot be forced down clients throats. You need tact and personal relationships. As you take your time of pause, evaluate these things: Have you changed your approach? Has the business world changed requiring a change in your tact? These questions can be answered only when you have taken time off from the hustles.

Remember Your Goals
Most of the times you find yourself in a rut, you also discover that in one way or another, you have lost sight or faith in your goals. The two happen concurrently. As you evaluate yourself, first appreciate the good times, appreciate your company and be grateful for how far you have come in the direct sales business. It is only when you have remembered the joys of the business, when you can clearly remember why you joined it in the first place. The times when you were full of energy and dreams before the hustles of the business tore you down. Re-evaluate your targets, you might find that some of your beginner targets were overambitious. You may want to down scale them and set more realistic targets.

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Go Full Throttle
After finding the cause of your rut, and evaluating your goals. It is then time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. For this, you will need to garner all the energy you can master. Call on us, or call on your upline, they are seasoned New Earth Associates who will be more than willing to help. This is the time to get your head in the game. Remember the zeal you had when you first joined New Earth? That level of energy is needed now more than ever. Book more appointments, make more presentations and contact more people. Simply what we’re trying to say is, give it your all. This fresh energy will propel you out of the rut and into your goals.

As you battle through the turmoil of the entrepreneurial world, remember the hustles are meant to test your mettle. You have us to help you through, but most importantly, you have in you all it takes to pull through.

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