Vol. 6 Issue 1-January 04, 2018

Success Is Just Around the Bend

The new year is here, your resolutions have been set, your business plan is complete, and you are ready to ignite your New Earth business in 2018. Are you really ready for what is to come? Yes! But how will you respond when adversity strikes or you hit a setback? Often the most difficult part of a business plan is following it.

We see it time and time again with New Year’s resolutions or new goals. You come up with the perfect plan; you know where you are headed, and you dive in. At first, you are consumed with your plan and determined to accomplish your goals, but something changes as time goes on. That burning desire starts to fade, and small excuses can turn into big setbacks. Before you know it half the year is over, and you are nowhere near where you planned to be.

That’s not this year though. This year is going to be different. You will stick to your plan, you will be ready for adversity, and you will make this your best year ever with New Earth. That is, if you choose to hold yourself accountable.

  1. Lean on your upline (and support your downline)
    As a leader, you have an interest in the well-being and success of your downline. Schedule frequent meetings with your team to check in. See how their goals are coming along and what you can do to help them succeed. Help hold them accountable to the goals and action plan they have set for themselves. Remember, the more success your team has, the more success you have.

    Don’t forget to take the role of a student and work with your upline on your goals and action plan. Lean on your upline for support and accountability. Ask your upline to stretch and push you to be better. Use them as a soundboard to bounce ideas off. Just as you want to support your team, your upline wants to help support you.

  2. Declare your goals to those who mean the most
    You have spent valuable time creating your goals and plan for 2018. Now go on and share that plan with those who mean the most to you. Tell them what you are going to do and how you are going to accomplish it. Keep those loved ones in mind when you start to feel weak and use them as a reinforcement to keep you on track.

  3. Prepare for reaction
    Every action or lack of action has a reaction. When you stay on track with your plan and achieve the goals you set for yourself do something to reward yourself. This could be a date night with your spouse, a special meal, or some meaningful treat to yourself.

    If you are going to reward yourself when you stay on track, you need to set consequences when you don’t. Create consequences when you fail to take action and fall short of your goals. Set up some small consequences to keep you moving in the right direction. These consequences could be putting 5 dollars in a jar, not getting yourself a certain item you have been wanting or something else that helps keep you motivated.

  4. Set the mood
    Where do you work? Is it well lit with lots of natural light? Do you have beautiful pictures of nature or a wonderful view to look at? Is it clean and organized? Your work environment has a lot to do with your productivity. Make sure your work environment inspires and motivates you to do more. The beautiful thing about this business is you can work from anywhere.

You have arrived. You put in the legwork to create your plan. You have a company that stands behind you and supports you. You have an upline ready to work with you and a downline counting on you. 2018 is your year for greatness!

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