Vol. 5 Issue 49-December 21, 2017

Overcoming Dreaded Objections—Getting to Yes

Objections, they are a natural part of life, especially when it comes to Network Marketing and sales. The truth is, many people in the industry absolutely dread objections and often fall short of their potential because of this. Often we look at objections as the road to no. We take them personally and automatically get defensive. With the wrong mindset, these objections can wear us down and slow down our business growth.

The key to overcoming objections is a simple mind shift in how we view them. Rather than seeing them as the road to no, think of them as the path to yes. When a prospect takes the time to have a conversation with you, they are proving that they have some interest in what you have to say. As they process the information you provide, they will naturally have objections. This is a good thing; it means they are considering your opportunity. Your job is to provide responses that validate their concerns and prove they can get past them.

The best way to continue the conversation and overcome objections is by sharing a relatable story. More than likely you or someone you know once felt the same way your prospect is feeling at one time or another and shared a similar objection. Through this process you validate their feelings, let them know they are not the only person who feels this way and you prove to them that they can get past it.

Let’s look at a few common objections and how you can use this technique to overcome them.

I don’t like selling to people; I’m not sales person.
“Fantastic! I’m glad you said that because I’m not a salesperson either and I’m actually not looking for sales people. This business is actually about sharing health changing products and helping others improve their life! I am really looking for someone who is passionate about helping others and enjoys sharing products they love. I shared your feelings when I first got started but had a great mentor to work with. If you decide to join, I will be here to train you every step of the way. Just know, if I didn’t think you were a good fit, I would have never asked.”

My life is busy; I don’t have time.
“Oh my goodness, I completely understand how you feel. When I first got started the baby was six months old, I was working full time and doing this business a few hours a week. I found that my situation was very common. A majority of my team was doing the same thing, working their business part-time where they could fit it in. Actually, a couple of associates who joined last month are in a similar situation and having great success.” (Tell that person’s story, show how one can fit this business into their busy schedule and why it’s worth it.)

Through the validation and storytelling process, these objections simply become part of the conversation. They become just a piece of the path your prospect needs to take to make their decision.

Have You Shared Your Story?

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