Vol. 5 Issue 48-December 14, 2017

What’s Your Approach?

Last week we talked about the importance of building relationships when it comes to prospecting. We are going to take it a step further this week and look at techniques to use when inviting prospects. There are many different techniques you can utilize, and the one you select should depend on your prospect.

Some of your prospects may be brand new to Network Marketing and health supplements while others may already be successful or an expert in their field. Naturally, it is easier to approach those who are new than the experts because you are asking them to see you as a professional on the subject.

The key to inviting someone to learn about New Earth is in your approach. For some, you will want to use a direct approach, and for others, you will want to take an indirect approach. Remember, we are talking about prospects you have already developed a relationship with—so you should already understand their needs and wants and what engages them.

A direct approach is just how it sounds, telling someone upfront about your opportunity. This is an approach that should be used sparingly and only for certain people. When using this approach you might say something like “Hey, I’m starting a new business and would love for you to join me as my business partner” or “Hey, I found a way to make some extra income. You need to have a look at this.” This approach may not excite most people, as most people don’t like to be pitched to or sold to.

A majority of the time you will want to lean toward an indirect approach. Rather than jumping straight to the opportunity you ease into it allowing your prospect some time to open their mind and be receptive to your message. One of the best ways to do this is to ask the prospect for their guidance and let them take on the expert role. When using this approach, you might say something like “I’m in the process of starting a home-based business. You know more about running a business than I do. Would you mind taking a look at it for me?” or “I started a new business and need to practice my pitch. Could I practice on you?” A majority of the time your prospect will agree to help you and through that process learn about your opportunity.

You can take this technique a step further for those who are very successful or experts in their field. You might say something like “I’m expanding my business in your area. Do you know anyone who may be looking for a new opportunity?” or “This may not be for you, but do you know anyone who is looking to expand their income?” This will spark curiosity and have the prospect asking questions. Through this process, your prospect will naturally learn more about your opportunity.

Keep in mind, what works for one will not work for all. It is important to first develop a relationship with the prospect to identify the best inviting technique for the individual.

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Your Algae Story

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