Vol. 5 Issue 47-December 07, 2017

Building Relationships Is Prospecting

There are several critical skills a Network Marketer must develop with one of the most important being prospecting. It is absolutely crucial for your success; you must get your product and opportunity in front of others to grow your Network Marketing business. This isn’t groundbreaking information, most of us already know this, yet many are still unsure and awkward when it comes to prospecting. The good news is, when you are using the right techniques you will no longer feel unsure or awkward.

Too many Network Marketers use a “hunting” approach, which is far less effective than a relationship-building approach. Their primary objective is getting a recruit and moving on to the next person. Many of us have encountered these hunters. They send out messages that are clearly copied and pasted, and try to jam their opportunity down your throat. Every time you talk with them they are trying to pitch their product or opportunity to you. It is clear that their goals and desires are one-sided.

We have said this time and time again—we are in the business of relationships and it just so happens that building relationships is the first step in effectively prospecting. When you make building a relationship your initial objective you will begin to understand what makes your prospect tick, what problems they may have and how your business opportunity or products could improve their life. Your prospects will be open to listening to you. They will allow you the time to educate them on your products and opportunity and will take time to make a decision.

When relationships take center stage unsure and awkward feelings subside. The pressure that comes with the “hunting” mentality is released, and a mental shift takes place. Rather than “head hunting” you are looking out for a friend, using your industry expertise to consult and coach them, helping them find solutions to their problems, and showing them avenues to reach their goals.

When it comes down to it building new relationships and prospecting are essentially the same thing. So get out there and start making new friends!

Your Algae Story

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