Vol. 5 Issue 46-November 30, 2017

Is Fear Controlling Your Business?

What are you most afraid of? When you were a child, your answer likely included something like the dark or monsters under the bed. Today your answer is probably very different. It may include things like heights, spiders, or flying. When it comes to fear our minds can run wild, assuming the worst case scenario, and make us feel helpless.

In Network Marketing fears come in many different forms including rejection, being criticized, and not making enough money. Ultimately, the underlying fear is typically failure of some sort. The truth is, as a Network Marketer and entrepreneur your fear will control your business.

These fears are all understandable, especially when you are new to Network Marketing. No one enjoys being rejected, criticized, or not having enough money and many of us have been in one or all of these positions at one time or another. The question is, how do you control and overcome your fear in order to succeed?

Starting your own business can be scary. It is a time of change, risks, and learning. Fear will creep up over and over again, and obstacles will look the size of Mt. Everest. During these times you must remember, this is just your mind running back to that worst-case scenario. What if you flipped this mindset and looked at the good instead of the bad, focused on the positive instead of the negative and let your mind run straight toward the best case scenario? How would that impact your business and your actions? Your mind is one of the most powerful tools you have. It can change your outlook on your business and your life.

Ultimately it is our weaknesses or perceived weaknesses that stir up this fear which is why Network Marketing is an industry of personal development. If you are afraid of reaching out to prospects and rejection, then start practicing your New Earth story. You are human; it doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to find a way to get it done. After a little practice, challenge yourself to reach out to one prospect a day. If you are truly working your business, you will be challenged and stretched on a daily basis, and that is a good thing.

Network Marketing isn’t easy and won’t make you rich overnight. If it did, everyone would do it. As you put in time, build your skills and confidence, and take action you will notice your fears losing strength and your business starting to grow. The key is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and expecting the best.

This doesn’t mean your fears will go away, but it does mean you can find a way to get past them. You can use your goals and drive to take them head on and accomplish everything you set out to do in this industry and your life.

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