Vol. 5 Issue 40-October 19, 2017

Catalina Here We Come

The time has come for our Executive Island Retreat! We are taking three hard-working winners on an all expense paid vacation to Catalina Island!

Please help us congratulate our grand prize winner, Donia Alawi! Throughout the competition Donia let her leadership skills shine. She supported her team, earned points for new enrollment orders and rank advancements and not only built her business, but she came out on top as our grand prize winner.

Donia and her guest will take a helicopter ride across some breathtaking California scenery (think mountains, beachside, ocean) on their way to Catalina Island. They’ll get to do some whale watching, and they’ll get lots more for free too: round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, spa treatments, and more!

There is much more to this party though! Two reserve grand prize winners will be joining Donia on this trip. Please help us congratulate Connie Banford and Rick Scheyer! With hyperfocus and hard work, Connie and Rick built their New Earth businesses and earned a much-deserved getaway. Connie, Rick, and their guests will enjoy a relaxing ferry ride to the beautiful Catalina Island. They will join Donia, CEO Bilal Ruknuddeen, President Jerry Anderson, and Vice President Kevin Larson for much-deserved relaxation and fun!

The group will explore one of the most diverse ecological wonderlands in the nation. On this elite excursion they will likely see over 50 species of birds, many they’ve probably never seen before. There will be butterflies, sea lions and salamanders. They’ll see flowers and plants specific to the exact region, more than 600 different kinds in all! If we’ve done our homework right, it’ll be unlike anything they’ve quite seen or done before.

Congratulations to Donia, Connie and Rick! We appreciate your hard work and hope this trip takes your breath away, leaves a smile on your face, and creates lasting memories!

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