Vol. 5 Issue 33-August 31, 2017

Are You Ready to Harvest?

It’s that time of year again. Summer is coming to an end, kids are going back to school, and you still have goals to accomplish this year. Hopefully, you took a little (but not too much) time to kickback, relax and refuel the jets because we are headed into one of the biggest network marketing months of the year.

Just like the seasons of the year, network marketing also has seasons. You can think of it as a garden. In the spring we do a lot of work to prepare our garden. We till the land, add nutrients to the soil (maybe some algae), sprout and nurture seeds and then place them in the soil. Throughout the summer we water the plants, watch them begin to grow, and prune as necessary which takes much less work. In the fall, it’s time to harvest. As the fruit ripens and is ready to eat, we pick it, not too late and not too early.

The same holds true in network marketing. In the spring you are out networking, building relationships and planting seeds. Through the summer things may slow down a little. People are traveling, entertaining kids and enjoying the weather. You touch base as you can to stay connected, nurturing and grooming the seeds you planted. As fall rolls around and your prospects have more time, you schedule follow-up meetings and begin to enroll new team members.

Now is the time to start scheduling those meetings. It’s network marketing harvest. If you did your work early in the spring sharing the New Earth opportunity and wonderful products with others and followed up throughout the summer, now is the perfect time to schedule those follow-up meetings. Don’t forget, on average it takes 6-8 contacts to make a sale. You may need to schedule several follow-up meetings before your prospect is ready to join or try the products. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

By taking advantage of this season of harvest you are likely to create a wave of momentum that can help carry you through the end of the year. It starts with taking action right now and setting the tone for the rest of the year.

Are you ready to create the momentum you need to crush your goals and finish the year strong?

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