Vol. 5 Issue 30-August 10, 2017

NEU Klamath Falls 2017

The time has finally come! Associates from all over are flooding into Klamath Falls, Oregon for New Earth University. We have a weekend jam packed with celebration, education, personal development, and exploration.

We are kicking off the biggest event of 2017 with our Silver Party tonight at beautiful Lake of the Woods. Attendees will join the home team for an evening party with breathtaking views, delicious food, and outstanding company. Tonight, we celebrate your achievements.

The next two days will give you growth techniques from top associates along with important updates from the home team that you won’t want to miss.

We will end the weekend in nature, exploring the basin and all of its beauty. Attendees will get a complete tour of where the magic happens.

Not attending NEU? We will miss you. Follow us on social media to catch glimpses of the weekend and be sure to register for the next event!

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