Vol. 5 Issue 29-August 3, 2017

The Power of Events

Network marketing is not an easy business—if it were everyone would do it. Network marketing is designed for those who are motivated, determined and ready to change their lives and others lives. You will experience setbacks, you will hear the word no, and you will have to overcome obstacles along the way. So how do you maintain your energy and enthusiasm? Attend events.

Look at your network marketing journey as a road trip. Let’s say you are traveling from Washington State to New York. You start your journey with a fresh tank of gas, a clean car and plenty of healthy snacks. Along the way bugs hit and smear across your window, you hit potholes, the snacks run low, and you start to run out of gas. So what do you do next? You stop at the next gas station; clean the windshield, nourish your body and fuel up for the next leg of your journey. Events are your gas station along the way. After getting road fatigue, events help you wipe off the dust and refuel the engine so you can continue your journey in the right direction.

At New Earth, we realize that building your business isn’t easy. If you are seriously working your business you likely often face missed appointments, rejection and even mocking all of which can take you out of the game altogether. It is at events that you are reminded that you are still doing the right thing; you find reassurance from others who are on the same path. You see, your belief will make or break your business. It is a belief, in yourself, in your journey, in your company, in your team that separates those who achieve their goals in this business and those who don’t.

There is no better place than events to surround yourself with real people who have achieved real results, who have walked in your path, and who are there to encourage you.

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