Vol. 5 Issue 28-July 27, 2017

Our Favorite Time of Year

For the past month, we have been working to harvest one of the most profoundly nourishing foods on the planet, organic Wild Microalgae®. This rare superfood can only be harvested in one place in the world, Klamath Lake.

During the spring, early summer and fall when the conditions are just right, and they are, we are able to harvest an abundance of AFA. The large snow pack from last winter has lead to high lake elevations and cooler water temperatures, creating the perfect environment for AFA to thrive. Our 2017 harvest is off to a great start with a steady supply of your favorite superfood.

The harvest crew has been running three harvesters seven days a week, ensuring you have a steady supply of Wild Microalgae to market all year round. The technology on the two new harvesters is proving to be extremely valuable, extending the harvest season.

Our amazing engineers designed, built, and launched two new transport boats making a total of five in operation this year. Each new boat is 30+ feet long and 11 feet wide allowing plenty of room for AFA. With 500 HP eco-friendly motors, these boats transport the algae from the lake to shore at speeds upwards of 40 mph.

Once the algae arrives, it goes straight to our QC team who have been working around the clock, testing and retesting, ensuring the highest quality product. The quality has been outstanding, and the quantity has been great!

We invite you to see the lake for yourself at the NEU eco tour in just a couple short weeks! Who knows, we may still be harvesting.

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