Vol. 5 Issue 22-June 15, 2017

Top 7 Booth Tips

Have you ever considered hosting a booth at a trade show or health expo? The investment is worth it; you gain exposure to your target audience, and booths help you meet like-minded people that have the potential to increase your New Earth business and create a great warm market.

Below, we’ve listed some tips on how to make your first booth a success.

  1. Invest in good tables and table clothes. As simple as it may sound having the right setup can make our break your booth. We’re a big fan of counter height tables for a few reasons: they put product at eye level and people don’t have to bend down to look at products, which brings us to our next suggestion…
  2. Bring brochures and business cards. When someone wants more information (and they will), you’ll have everything you need. Make sure that the materials that you bring support the products that you sample.
  3. Have a sign-up sheet ready. Make sure that you have paper and a pen ready to take down names and contact information of people who want you to follow up with them. Make sure that you give people a reason to share their contact information. You could have them sign up for a sample, sign up to receive a newsletter, or sign up for a giveaway.
  4. Pack samples. BioAgile, BG Bars, Edge packets, and Wild Essentials packets are all individually packaged and easy to share, making them great sample products. Plus, BioAgile’s box turns into a display box by folding the top cover up.
  5. Wear your New Earth swag. You’ll promote your business and your booth everywhere you go!
  6. Provide your music. This one sounds a little silly, but we promise that you’ll have more fun and create a better atmosphere if you bring music with you. Most places will be okay with this if you make sure that your music is appropriate and isn’t too loud.
  7. Make sure that you set your booth up in a way that is open and inviting; your tables should not block access to your booth. Be ready to talk to people and be outgoing. Waiting for people to come into your booth is a common mistake- stand up, say hello, and get out in the aisle to greet people.


Ready for a #ThrowbackThursday? Take a look at one of our favorite New Earth Boot Camp training videos from 2016: Friends Don’t Let Friends Enroll By Themselves.

New Earth Boot Camp Friends Don’t Let Friends Enroll By Themselves from New Earth on Vimeo.

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Did you catch this?

  • In the very near future, Body caplets will replace tablets. The caplets contain the same ingredients as the tablets and are a little longer and thinner, making them easier to swallow, a win-win. Orders containing caplets will start shipping out shortly. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Care at 800.800.1300.
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