Vol. 5 Issue 10-March 16, 2017


We had a blast at New Earth University this past weekend! The Home Team spent time in Las Vegas connecting with Associates and their guests while we learned more about all things New Earth. Attendees heard from a lineup of great speakers, who spent time covering everything from the ingredients in our great product line to incorporating social media into your day to day life.

Associates left the event feeling excited and ready to apply the information they learned to their New Earth Businesses, and the Home Team left feeling more enthused than ever to start planning our next event, New Earth University Klamath Falls. We’ll share more about NEU Klamath Falls next week, stay tuned!

Read on to find out more about some of the announcements that we made during NEU.

A New Way To Earn

One of the major announcements shared at NEU was the Compensation Plan changes that take effect April 1, 2017. There are three main changes to the US Compensation Plan: Fast Start, Unilevel, and the new 3D Bonus. The new compensation plan rules and 3D Bonus will take effect during the April commission period for bonuses that are monthly. Weekly commissions will take effect the week of April 3.

We are committed to helping new Associates see the rewards of their efforts quickly with New Earth.

  1. New Associates can focus on being qualified for Fast Start by simply being Active and/or having 150 AutoShip Personal Volume (ASPV). This simplification makes it easier for new Associates to find success early.
  2. We’ve made changes to the Unilevel Bonus, including an increase from 2% to 3%. To find out more, check out the new Compensation Plan Overview document.
  3. The 3D Bonus will replace the Get 3 Bonus. When Associates build a minimum of qualified ASPV on levels one, two, or three they can earn up to $500 monthly. Associates earn the highest level for which they qualify, and bonuses are not cumulative.
    • To earn $50: Qualify as Bronze and have at least 500 BV generated by first-level Associates who each have an AutoShip order of at least 100 BV.
    • To earn $200: Qualify as Bronze 2 and have at least 2,000 BV generated by second-level Associates who each have an AutoShip order of at least 100 BV.
    • To earn $500: Qualify as Silver 5 and have at least 5,000 BV generated by third-level Associates who each have an AutoShip order of at least 100 BV.

To contribute to the 3D Bonus, AutoShip orders must be paid for and directly received by the Associate.

The Online Office will include a dashboard widget that provides real-time data on 3D Bonus qualifications. If you have any questions, let us know by contacting Customer Care support@newearthsupport.com or 800.800.1300.

Expanding Your New Earth Business in Mexico

Attendees at NEU learned more about what New Earth’s expansion into Mexico means and the exciting opportunities that it provides our Associates in Mexico and the United States.

Soon, we’ll be launching in Mexico, and we wanted to make sure that US Associates have the information that they need to start building there.

  • Residents of Mexico can create their Associate account with New Earth Mexico during prelaunch and begin building their team. No orders are taken/processed until launch.
  • All New Earth Associates have access to a replicated prelaunch Mexico website, www.teamnewearth.com.mx/websiteID, that they can use to sign up residents of Mexico. US Associates can see their Mexico prelaunch members in their Prelaunch Report in the business tab of the US Online Office.
  • All New Earth Mexico orders and commissions will be processed in Mexican Pesos.
  • Upcoming Events


    • End of Month is a few short weeks away! Customer Care (800.800.1300) will be open until 8 pm Pacific, on Friday, March 31, to meet all of your business needs.
    • The April Corporate Webinar goes live at 6 pm (Pacific) on April 3 rd . Reserve your seat today

    Did you catch this?

    • New Earth University is coming home! This August join us to celebrate New Earth in Klamath Falls. Find out more about our next event on our new event page
    • Did you follow NEU on social media this weekend? If the answer is no, check out #NEUVegas17, #NEULasVegas17, and #NEUVegasEco17.
    • Have you heard the latest New Earth podcast? Check it out to learn more about ubiquinol and its many benefits.


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