Vol. 4 Issue 4 – January 28, 2016

Don’t forget your pen and paper

The countdown is on! New Earth University is only weeks away!

On Feb. 19-21, we’ll be in sunny southern California. We’ll have live workshops, a chance to meet your network (and beyond) face-to-face, exclusive price breaks on products, the chance to dine with corporate leaders and the chance to explore the beautiful surroundings in and around Dana Point…and that’s just for starters.

Save your spot by visiting www.newearth.com/events or call us at 800.800.1300.

We know you want to know

We have a new promotion we’re itching to tell you about. It’s going to help double your efforts in the field. We have updates to fill you in on too, directly from New Earth headquarters. We want to tell you about New Earth University and Dana Point as well. There’s more where that came from…and we can’t wait to share.

Interested? We thought you might be.

Join us Monday (Feb.1) for our Corporate Webinar, when we’ll share everything.

Reserve your spot today! https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/200000000021524608

Voices from the Field: Charlotte C. Aptos, CA

“New Earth represents a company that is the answer to my true calling and passion to live a life of health, freedom and contribution. I was introduced to the products during a time that I was really feeling the stresses of life’s challenges. I now have vibrant health and well-being and so many people say I look and have the energy of someone much younger.

I have always wanted to help others by sharing my natural passion for health and well- being. I decided to use New Earth has a viable additional stream of income because at that time, I was passionate about being a stay at home single mom after my divorce. I was able to be around for my children during that critical time of transition in our lives and to participate in their precious growing up activities while still making an income. Most important, my children have been exposed to an entrepreneurial lifestyle fostering discipline, focus, communication skills, and creativity while putting our values and priorities first. These skills are important for our economic survival and personal development and both of my children were able to go to college with my financial assistance. Thank you New Earth for the freedom your opportunity has provided over the years, knowing that I am making a major contribution to my own health so I can serve the physical and financial well-being of others.” —Charlotte C. Aptos, CA

Do you have a New Earth product or business testimonial that you’d like to share? Write to us at testimonials@newearth.com, we’d love to hear your story!

Statistically, by this time, 75% of “you” have abandoned your New Year’s resolutions. VP Kevin Larson discusses hope, realism, and resolutions in this week’s New Earth Boot Camp—watch the recording below to find out more.

To listen to past recordings visit the Boot Camp webinar archive at www.newearthbootcamp.com and don’t miss the next live training on Tuesday, February 3, at 12pm Pacific, register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1185068290402856962 (and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Periscope for the LIVE training, we are @NewEarthCo and @CleverNutrition).

New Earth Weekly Corporate and Opportunity Webinars


New Earth Boot Camp, Tuesdays at 12pm Pacific (Weekly)
If you want to learn how to build an organization and train your team, our Boot Camp webinar can help. Designed for both new and not-so-new Associates, you’ll learn industry-proven steps, growth strategies and more. Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1185068290402856962 (don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Periscope for the LIVE training, we are @NewEarthCo and @CleverNutrition).

New Earth Opportunity Webinar, Thursdays at 6pm Pacific (Weekly):
This is the perfect way to introduce someone to the New Earth opportunity. Invite guests to join as we learn more about this unique product and business opportunity. Register for this webinar and share this link, too! Register here:

New Earth Corporate Webinar (Monthly)
Join us for the next Corporate Webinar on Monday, February 1, at 6pm Pacific, we’ll share the latest updates from the New Earth corporate office. Don’t miss out on exciting news and announcements, register here:

Missed a webinar? They’re recorded and posted in the RESOURCES tab of your Online Office. Catch up with any you’ve missed and share links with others who are interested.

New Earth Events

New Earth University is coming to Southern California!
New Earth University in Florida was a hit! We are excited to announce that our next event and ecosystem tour will be held in Dana Point, California at the DoubleTree Suites on February 19th, 20th, and 21st. Click HERE.

Save on your room rate by reserving online or mentioning New Earth when calling the DoubleTree Suites to make your reservations. Hurry! This discounted rate lasts until February 3 or until the room block is full.

End of Month Hours
Customer Service closes at 5pm Pacific on Friday, January 29. Online orders will be accepted through 8pm Sunday, January 31. We want to make sure you have enough time to finalize all of your volumes, so feel free to contact us if you need any assistance!

Coming to a City Near You?
Are you ready to host a city meeting or Super Saturday? These regional meetings are a fantastic way to generate results for field leaders and guests. If you’d like to host one in your area contact us at communications@newearth.com.

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