Vol. 4 Issue 26-July 7, 2016

Two weeks’ notice


That’s right. We’re just two short weeks away from New Earth University!

The good news: there’s still time to register. Make your plans now and we’ll save a spot for you at the Running Y Ranch in Oregon. We’ll be there July 22-24 offering up business training, workshops, a beautiful eco tour … even yoga!

Don’t forget to let us know you’re coming! Reservations can be made at www.newearth.com/events.

You may be a winner


Want the very latest New Earth updates? Want to be in the running to win a New Earth prize package? Now you can do both things at the same time!

Join us July 11 for our upcoming Corporate Webinar. You’ll discover all there is to know about our recent happenings and you’ll have the rare opportunity to win big!*

Register at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2152642931815933697

*Associates must watch the webinar via computer or the GoToWebinar app in order to be eligible for the New Earth prize package.

Voices from the Field: Connie B. Marlton, MD

LOVE the new starter kits from which new reps can choose. Thanks New Earth home team! You think of everything.” –Connie B. Marlton, MD

Do you have a New Earth product or business testimonial that you’d like to share? Write to us at testimonials@newearth.com, we’d love to hear your story!

Spotlight on Training: 5 Steps to Creating an Effective Call

Both new and experienced Associates frequently ask, “What do I need to do to grow my business on a daily basis?” Here are a few tips for one proven method business building strategy—participating in regular three-way calls with your sponsor or upline:

  1. Verify your phone service. Sounds simple, but it’s important to be ahead of the game. Call your phone service provider and make sure three-way calling is activated and you are clear on the steps to host one.
  2. Schedule the call with your contact and your sponsor. Finding time in today’s busy lifestyles is not always easy. Find a time that works best for both parties and then adapt your own schedule to be there.
  3. Share information with your sponsor. Prior to your scheduled call, spend time bringing your sponsor up to speed on details about your contact. Share information like their name, occupation, hobbies, and level of interest in New Earth. Are they interested in improving their health or financial situation? All of these facts will matter to your sponsor and help them tailor the conversation.
  4. Create an introduction for your sponsor. Introduce your contact to your sponsor who will be the one presenting the call. It’s important to begin building trust by elevating and edifying them as an experienced person of authority. Have they been successful in others businesses or achieved other milestones that might be important to your contact?
  5. Host the call, don’t be the call. When you begin, simply introduce your contact and sponsor and then listen and take notes that will be important when you follow up. Be listening for needs that the prospect has that can be met with the New Earth product and business opportunity.

Three-way calls are proven and effective tools for building your business. You can introduce people to a new opportunity in a quick and easy manner. Once you gauge their level of interest and begin building a relationship, your follow-up communications are much easier.

New Earth Podcast

Every other week Vice President Kevin Larson and guests will discuss a variety of healthy living topics on the New Earth Podcast. Interested? Listen online, on iTunes, or on SoundCloud.

Last week Kevin talked to Connie Banford about the path to entrepreneurship-listen to it here:


New Earth Corporate Webinars


New Earth Corporate Webinar (Monthly)
We have a new link to register for the monthly Corporate Webinar. Reserve your seat by registering at
https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2152642931815933697. Stay up to date on all of the latest news from the Home Team. We’ll see you on the Corporate webinar on the first Monday of each month.

You can find the June 6th Corporate Webinar here: https://vimeo.com/169744148

No matter what time during the week you meet a potential new Associate, invite them to watch our opportunity presentation at opportunity.newearth.com. This video will introduce them to the New Earth product and opportunity and is available 24/7.

Missed a webinar? They’re recorded and posted in the RESOURCES tab of your Online Office. Catch up with any you’ve missed and share links with others who are interested.

New Earth Events

New Earth University is coming to Klamath Falls, Oregon!
New Earth University in Dana Point was a hit! We are excited to announce that our next event and ecosystem tour will be held in Klamath Falls, Oregon at the Running Y Ranch on July 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. www.newearth.com/events


Have you made your lodging arrangements for New Earth University? We have discounted rooms
available at both the Shilo (541.885.7980, hotel rate is 72.00 per night plus tax) and at the Comfort Inn
(541.882.1111, hotel rate is 70.00 per night plus tax). Don’t forget to mention New Earth when
contacting either of these hotels or you may not receive the discounted rate! Space is limited at these
hotel-make your reservations soon!


Coming to a City Near You?
Are you ready to host a city meeting? These regional meetings are a fantastic way to generate results for field leaders and guests. If you’d like to host one in your area contact us at communications@newearth.com.

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