Vol. 4 Issue 11 – March 24, 2016

Can we fly you to a beautiful island?

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.

A world-renowned executive team wants three of its winningest associates to climb aboard a helicopter and travel across oceans, mountains and other rich scenery, finally landing at an exotic island and sticking around for a few days. And, oh yes, the team wants to provide the once-in-a-lifetime vacation at their own expense.

Those executives are your executives: Bilal Ruknuddeen (CEO), Jerry Anderson (President) and Kevin Larson (Vice President). That island is Catalina. And the Associates are … okay, that remains to be seen. You could be one of them!

We left out the parts about whale watching, round trip airfare, spa treatments and hotel accommodations, but all of that is included as well. It sounds so amazing we can hardly stand it. How badly do you want to be one of three winners?

Accrue the most points by adding new enrollments and rank promotions to your organization and you could be one of the lucky winners. Prizes will also be awarded for most new group volume and most new rank promotions.

Find out more at http://www.newearth.com/contest.html

A whole new blog

Did you know New Earth has a blog? If you did, congratulations! If not, now you do. It’s updated periodically with facts, tidbits and information we think you could stand to benefit from. Consider it our semi-regular gift of knowledge to you.

Give the New Earth blog a look now at http://www.newearth.com/blog.html. Make a habit of checking back often!

Voices from the Field: John A. Victoria, TX

“When I tried EDGE, I couldn’t believe it! I’ve tried other pre-workouts; they give me side effects that make me feel weird. Well, I started EDGE and couldn’t believe how wonderful I felt! I wanted to keep on going…and I feel like I’m part of a family, and that I can keep on pushing to the top. Join the team, it’s the way to go.” —John A. Victoria, TX

Do you have a New Earth product or business testimonial that you’d like to share? Write to us at testimonials@newearth.com, we’d love to hear your story!

Spotlight on Training: Back to basics

spotlight-training-4-11This week we’re taking it back to basics. Making a task list is one of the easiest, and most basic, ways to be productive. That being said, there are better ways to make your list, check them out HERE.

New Earth Weekly Corporate and Opportunity Webinars


New Earth Opportunity Webinar, Thursdays at 6pm Pacific (Weekly):
This is the perfect way to introduce someone to the New Earth opportunity. Invite guests to join as we learn more about this unique product and business opportunity. Register for this webinar and share this link, too! Register here:

New Earth Corporate Webinar (Monthly)
Join us for the next Corporate Webinar on Monday, April 4, at 6pm Pacific, we’ll share the latest updates from the New Earth corporate office. Don’t miss out on exciting news and announcements, register here:

Missed a webinar? They’re recorded and posted in the RESOURCES tab of your Online Office. Catch up with any you’ve missed and share links with others who are interested.

New Earth Events

New Earth University is coming to Klamath Falls, Oregon!
New Earth University in Dana Point was a hit! We are excited to announce that our next event and ecosystem tour will be held in Klamath Falls, Oregon at the Running Y Ranch on July 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. Discounted registration rates are available until March 31, find out more HERE.

HANOVER, MARYLAND – Saturday, April 2
Hampton Inn & Suites — 7027 Arundel Mills Circle
Meeting starts at 10:00a.m., ends 12:00p.m.

CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY – Monday, April 4
BB&T Center (formerly Susquehanna Bank Center) — Camden Waterfront, 1 Harbour Road
Meeting starts at 7:00p.m., ends 9:00p.m.

SANTA MARIA, CALIFORNIA – Saturday, April 16
Knollwood Village Clubhouse — 4012 South Bradley Rd.
Meeting starts at 3:00p.m., ends 5:00p.m.

Coming to a City Near You?
Are you ready to host a city meeting or Super Saturday? These regional meetings are a fantastic way to generate results for field leaders and guests. If you’d like to host one in your area contact us at communications@newearth.com.

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