Vol. 12 Issue 26 – July 08, 2024

 From the Home Team—Tools You Can Use

You’re on a mission to grow your business, and we are on a mission to help! As we all know, finding and converting new customers is one of the key parts of building a business that thrives, which is why our team is working hard behind the scenes to create tools that are designed to help you do just that. With that in mind, here are two of our most recently released tools that you can use to help convert your prospects into customers. 

New and Improved Product Flyers
While we could all talk about the benefits of New Earth products all day, having a physical flyer that you can leave with a prospect can help reinforce your sales pitch and keep you and the products you are promoting at the top of their mind. That’s why our team put in the work to revamp and redesign beautiful flyers for every product we offer. With product information, highlighted benefits, product certifications, and testimonials, these single-page handouts are a great way to refresh your own memory about certain products or leave your prospect with everything they need to help them make their purchasing decisions. For your convenience, these flyers have been added to the Marketing Tools tab of your Business Portal in the Product Flyers folder. 

A Special Discount for New Customers
In addition to new marketing tools, we also have an exceptional offer you can use to help encourage that first purchase from your prospective customers. What is it? A chance to get 20% off their first order! Here’s how it works…

On the New Earth website, there is a pop-up that prospective customers will see that offers them the chance to get 20% off their first order by signing up with their email. This means that by entering their email in the pop-up box and consenting to receive marketing emails from New Earth, your prospects will receive a discount code for 20% off their first order. 

When they enter their email, they will immediately receive an email from us with their discount code, which they can use at checkout to unlock their discount. 

Have a prospect that is interested in setting up a product subscription? The email they receive from us will also include a code for them. They can use this code to unlock an additional 10% off their first subscription order!

How can you use this to your advantage? It’s simple! Login to your Business Portal, grab your Personal Referral Link, and send it to your prospects. When you send it to them, let them know that when they follow your link they will be given the opportunity to unlock 20% off their first order, which means now is a great time to give these products a try. 

Please note that you, as an existing customer and Associate with us, may not see this pop-up appear when you visit the website. This is because the deal is only being offered to prospective customers, so if the cookies on your device indicate to our system that you are an existing customer with us, it will not show you the pop-up. 

Guidance for Growth

Reflect On Your Progress
With the second quarter of the year officially behind us, take some time to reflect on how your year has gone so far. How close are you to reaching your business goals? What can you do this month to push yourself further down the path of success? Take a few moments this week to ask yourself these questions so you are better prepared to tackle the rest of the year.

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