Vol. 12 Issue 24 – June 24, 2024

 From the Home Team—10% Off Summer Favorites

Don’t let your customers miss out on any of our favorite summer products! No matter what kind of summer they are planning to have, we have a powerful product to help them make the most of it, and right now, they can snag any of them at a discount! For a limited-time, our four summer favorites are 10% off with code SUMMERFAVES24. 

Need some ideas for talking about how these amazing products can help your customers make the most of their summer? Here are some of our suggestions: 

Drive: This unique combination of powerful superfoods is great for fueling your body and giving you the energy you need to engage in and enjoy all of the summer adventures you have planned. It’s a great option for anyone who is looking to have a summer full of hiking, kayaking, biking, or any other physical activity. 

Flex: The gift of healthy, flexible, and strong joints wrapped up in a single bottle! Flex is designed to support your body no matter where life takes you, which makes it a great companion to Drive as well as a fantastic option for anyone who is looking to give their joints a little more support as they move through the next few months and beyond. 

Enzymes: Summer is often full of festive parties and evening get-togethers, which often come with an array of delicious and tempting food choices that can encourage overeating and leave us feeling a little uncomfortable later. Thankfully, Enzymes is here to help. With Enzymes in your toolkit, you can enjoy your holiday barbecues and summer treats without the worry of discomfort. Enzymes is great for anyone who is planning to attend backyard barbecues or holiday weekend parties over the next few months. 

Wild Algae Blend: This is truly the perfect summer product! It can be added to any iced drink, smoothie, or popsicle recipe that your heart desires, which means you can enjoy all your favorite cold summer treats and give your body the nutrition it needs to feel your best. If you ask us, Wild Algae Blend is a great option for anyone this summer, but those who enjoy mixing up smoothies, making homemade popsicles, or need a little boost of energy to help get them through the heat of the day will especially enjoy this amazing powder supplement. 

Ready to start sharing these summer favorites with your customers and prospects? We’ve shared some great shareable images you can use in Facebook Leader’s Group. Simply head to this post, save the images you like, and start sharing!

P.S. When you are sharing, don’t forget to include your Personal Referral Link so people can easily purchase. Better yet, generate a referral link that links specifically to the Summer Favorites collection by following the steps outlined in this video and using the following link as your base URL: https://newearth.com/collections/summer-favorites

Guidance for Growth

Share Your New Earth Story
We all know that New Earth products are life-changing, but your prospects may take a bit of convincing before they believe you enough to make their first purchase. The question is, how can you share the benefits of these products with them in a powerful and believable way? Our suggestion: By sharing your New Earth story!

Your New Earth story chronicles your journey with these products and paints a picture of just how powerful they can be. So why not use it as a way to help grow your business? If you haven’t already, spend some time outlining your own journey with New Earth and then start sharing it with your prospects via in-person conversations, your email newsletters, and your social media posts and stories. Trust us, your story is your most powerful selling tool. You won’t regret using it.

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