Vol. 12 Issue 22 – June 10, 2024

 From the Home Team—Helping Others Set Up a Product Subscription

Know someone who is looking to put their favorite New Earth products on autopilot so they don’t have to remember to order before they run out? New Earth Product Subscriptions to the rescue!

Product subscriptions are a fantastic way for your customers to automate their supplement habits by ensuring that they will always receive a new shipment of their favorite products before the bottles on their shelves run out. Plus, as a Business Builder, having customers set up product subscriptions is great for you as well—it means consistent income month after month. That is, as long as the customer remains happy with their subscription. 

But the question is, how can a customer set up a product subscription for the first time? Here are the steps so you can walk them through it. 

1) Find the Product. First, direct them to visit the New Earth website and find the first product they want to add to your subscription and click on the product image to be taken to the product information page. Or, better yet, create a product-specific link for the product you want them to buy and send it to them to save them a few clicks. 

2) Select Quantity and Size (when applicable). Have them scroll down until they see the option to change the quantity of the product. They can select to add a single product or multiple of the same products to their subscription. For products like Body and Mind where form and size options are available, have them select those as well. 

3) Select the Purchase Option. Now, have them scroll down just a little more and they will see an area to select a purchase option. By default, this will be set to a one-time purchase. To set up a subscription, have them select the Subscribe and Save option. 

4) Select the Frequency. Selecting Subscribe and Save will open another small box where they can select the frequency of their subscription, with the option of Monthly, Every Other Month, and Quarterly available. Have them select the frequency that works best for them. 

5) Click Add to Cart. Once all options are selected, they can click the “add to cart” button to add that product to their cart. 

6) Add Additional Products. If they wish to add additional products to their subscription, complete steps one through five for each additional product. 

7) View Cart. Once all products have been added, they can click “View Cart” to be taken to their virtual cart where they can double check that their order is correct. Here, have them check to make sure that all of the products have a subscription frequency listed underneath them, as this indicates that they will be added as a subscription item. Items that weren’t added as part of a subscription will not have a frequency listed under the product name. 

8) Checkout. From here, you can click “Checkout” to start the checkout process, which will place their first order as well as set it up as a recurring subscription in our system, so they can rest assured that they will get more of their favorite products before they run out of the ones that are currently on their shelf. 

And there you have it—a quick step-by-step guide to help you assist your customers in setting up their first New Earth product subscription. 
Still have questions? Drop them in the Facebook Leader’s Group and we will do our best to help you out.

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